Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Luitfried I Winterhur (Winterthal) Count-80946 [Parents] died in 1056. He married Mrs. Mrs. Luitfried-80947.

Mrs. Mrs. Luitfried-80947.Mrs. married Luitfried I Winterhur (Winterthal) Count-80946.

Frederick II Lorraine (Vonmoselgau,d'ardennes) Duke of Lower Lorraine;Count of Luxembourg-80948 [Parents] was born in 994. He died in 1065. He married Gerberge de Boulogne-80949.

Gerberge de Boulogne-80949 [Parents] was born in 1023. She died in 1049. She married Frederick II Lorraine (Vonmoselgau,d'ardennes) Duke of Lower Lorraine;Count of Luxembourg-80948.

They had the following children:

  F i Jutta Countess Of Luxembourg-24179 was born in 1000. She died after 21 Aug 1057.

Mr. Mr. Hugues-80955 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Hugues-80956.

Mrs. Mrs. Hugues-80956.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Hugues-80955.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Hugues-80957.

Mr. Mr. Hugues-80957 [Parents].Mr. married Mrs. Mrs. Hugues-80958.

Mrs. Mrs. Hugues-80958.Mrs. married Mr. Mr. Hugues-80957.

Geoffrey de Preuilly-80960 [Parents] died in 1103 in Battle of Rama. He married Euphrosyne Vendome-80961.

Euphrosyne Vendome-80961 [Parents].Euphrosyne married Geoffrey de Preuilly-80960.

Fulk Vendome Count-80962 [Parents] was born in 1020 in , Nevers, Nievre, France. He died in 1066. He married Petronelle Chateau Renard-80963.

Other marriages:
Chateau Renard, Petronelle
Vendome, Petronille

Petronelle Chateau Renard-80963 died in 1078. She married Fulk Vendome Count-80962.

They had the following children:

  F i Euphrosyne Vendome-80961.

Robert II de Sable-80964 [Parents] died in 1110. He married Hersende de La Suse-80965.

Hersende de La Suse-80965 died in 1110. She married Robert II de Sable-80964.

Robert Nevers-80966 [Parents] died in 1098. He married Avis de Sable-80967.

Avis de Sable-80967 died in 1070. She married Robert Nevers-80966.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert II de Sable-80964 died in 1110.

Otho de Ver-80968 [Parents].Otho married Constance Charters-80969.

Constance Charters-80969.Constance married Otho de Ver-80968.

Nicasius de Ver Earl of Genney-80970 [Parents].Nicasius married Miss. Miss. Agathe-80971.

Miss. Miss. Agathe-80971.Miss. married Nicasius de Ver Earl of Genney-80970.

They had the following children:

  M i Otho de Ver-80968.

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