Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Brunulphe II d'Ardennes Comte-80838 [Parents] was born in 550. He married Mrs. Mrs. Brunulphe-80839.

Other marriages:
Brunulphe, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Brunulphe-80839.Mrs. married Brunulphe II d'Ardennes Comte-80838.

They had the following children:

  F i Sichilde d'Ardennes-80837 was born in 590.

Charles West Franks-80842 [Parents].Charles married Mrs. Mrs. Charles-80843.

Mrs. Mrs. Charles-80843.Mrs. married Charles West Franks-80842.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles West Franks-80844.

Charles West Franks-80844 [Parents].Charles married Mrs. Mrs. Charles-80845.

Mrs. Mrs. Charles-80845.Mrs. married Charles West Franks-80844.

Eustache (Eustace) I de Fiennes-80846 [Parents] was born in 1015. He married Adelle de Selvesle-80847.

Other marriages:
de Selvesle, Adelle

Adelle de Selvesle-80847.Adelle married Eustache (Eustace) I de Fiennes-80846.

They had the following children:

  M i Conan de Fiennes-80848 was born in 1088. He died in 1102.

Conan de Fiennes-80848 [Parents] was born in 1088. He died in 1102. He married Alice de Bournonville-80849.

Other marriages:
de Bournonville, Alice

Alice de Bournonville-80849.Alice married Conan de Fiennes-80848.

Thierry III, II de Montbelliard-80850 [Parents] was born in 1080. He died in 1112. He married Gertrude Hapsburg-80851.

Other marriages:
Hapsburg, Gertrude

Gertrude Hapsburg-80851.Gertrude married Thierry III, II de Montbelliard-80850.

Englebert IV de Brienne Count-80852 [Parents] died in 1035. He married Petronille (Adelaide) de Joigny-80853.

Petronille (Adelaide) de Joigny-80853 died in 1050. She married Englebert IV de Brienne Count-80852.

Englebert III de Brienne Count-80854 [Parents].Englebert married Windesmode Salins-80855.

Windesmode Salins-80855 [Parents].Windesmode married Englebert III de Brienne Count-80854.

They had the following children:

  M i Englebert IV de Brienne Count-80852 died in 1035.

Englebert II de Brienne Count-80856 [Parents] died in 980. He married Mrs. Mrs. Englebert-80857.

Mrs. Mrs. Englebert-80857.Mrs. married Englebert II de Brienne Count-80856.

They had the following children:

  M i Englebert III de Brienne Count-80854.

Gui I Tonnerre Count-80860 was born in 930. He died in 970. He married Adela de Salins Countess-80861.

Adela de Salins Countess-80861 [Parents].Adela married Gui I Tonnerre Count-80860.

They had the following children:

  F i Windesmode Salins-80855.
  M ii Milo III Tonnerre-80864 died in 987.

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