Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Mr. Mr. Esau Twin-77394 [Parents] was born in 1886 BC. He married Miss Miss Basemath (Bosmath) Hittite-77118.

Other marriages:
Ahlibamah, Miss
Mahalath, Miss Ishmaelite
Judith (Jehudith), Miss Hittite

Miss Miss Basemath (Bosmath) Hittite-77118 was born about 1886 BC. She married Mr. Mr. Esau Twin-77394.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Reuel-77462.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Eliphaz-78846.
  M iii Mr. Mr. Reuel-87981.
  M iv Mr. Mr. Eliphaz-93212.

Guerinfroi d'Aumale Signor-77125 [Parents] was born in 997 in Ponthieu, Ain, France. He married Mrs. Mrs. Guerinfroi-77120 about 1021.

Mrs. Mrs. Guerinfroi-77120 was born about 997. She married Guerinfroi d'Aumale Signor-77125 about 1021.

They had the following children:

  F i Bertha d'Aumale Heiress-77132 was born in 1022.

Bernhard III van Saksen-Billung-56245 [Parents] was born about 995 in Of, , , Saxony. He died on 29 Jun 1059 in Mamur, Belgium. He married Bertrade Norway Princess of Norway-77127. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Schweinfurt, Eilica van

Bertrade Norway Princess of Norway-77127 [Parents] was born about 1021. She married Bernhard III van Saksen-Billung-56245. The marriage ended in divorce.

They had the following children:

  F i Ida Billung (von Sachsen)-77822 was born in 1046.

Harold (Harald) II "Graypelt" Ericsson King of Norway-80752 [Parents] died in 970. He married Mrs. Mrs. Harold-80888.

Mrs. Mrs. Harold-80888.Mrs. married Harold (Harald) II "Graypelt" Ericsson King of Norway-80752.

They had the following children:

  F i Bertrade Norway Princess of Norway-77127 was born about 1021.

sir sir William Sinclair sheriff of edinburgh-77021 [Parents] was born about 1245 in of Rossilyn. He died after Mar 1296. He was buried before 1300. He married Agnes Amicia of Dunbar-83986 about 1266.

Agnes Amicia of Dunbar-83986 [Parents] was born about 1248. She died after 7 Apr 1299. She married sir sir William Sinclair sheriff of edinburgh-77021 about 1266.

Other marriages:
Sinclair, sir William sheriff of edinburgh

They had the following children:

  F i Annabel Sinclair-86301 was born about 1268. She died before 1304.
  M ii sir sir Henry Sinclair chief butler of scotland-88741 was born about 1270. He died before 28 Jan 1336.
  M iii William Sinclair Bishop-86426 was born about 1272. He died in 1337.
  M iv Gregory Sinclair-88270 was born about 1274.

Estienne (Estevenon) Count Of Burgundy Count of Auxonne-83872 [Parents] was born about 1170 in Of, , Burgundy, France.

Other marriages:
Chalons (de thiers,de Challon-Sur-saone,de Chelon), Beatrice

He had the following children:

  F i Beatrix Of Burgundy-84331 was born about 1200.

Mr. Mr. Mattathias-77230 [Parents].Mr. married Miss. Miss. Simon Ha-Kohen-77210.

Miss. Miss. Simon Ha-Kohen-77210 [Parents].Miss. married Mr. Mr. Mattathias-77230.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Joseph-77131.

John Somerville 2 lord Somerville-82549 [Parents] was born about 1430 in Of, Carnwarth, Scotland. He died in Nov 1491/1492. He married Helen Hepburn 1 wife-76144 on 10 Jul 1446.

Other marriages:
Baillie, Marion 2 wife

Helen Hepburn 1 wife-76144 was born about 1425 in hailes. She married John Somerville 2 lord Somerville-82549 on 10 Jul 1446.

They had the following children:

  F i Helen Somerville-83414 was born about 1460.
  M ii William Somerville MasterSomerville-84232 was born in 1453.
  M iii Thomas Somerville-83399 was born about 1455.
  F iv Elizabeth Sommerville-84790 was born about 1457 in <Of, Carnwarth, Scotland>.
  F v 2 wife 2 wife somerville 2 wife-87373 was born about 1455.

Herbert (Heribert) I du Maine Count-80451 [Parents] died in 1036. He married Bertha Blois Countess of Brittany-78121.

Bertha Blois Countess of Brittany-78121 [Parents] was born in 1005 in Brittany, France. She died in 1085. She married Herbert (Heribert) I du Maine Count-80451.

Other marriages:
Brittany, Alan III Duke;Count of Brittany
du Maine, Herbert (Heribert) I Count

They had the following children:

  F i Paula-71670 was born about 1044.
  F ii Gersende (Garsinde,garsenda,berthe) du Maine-79170.

Mr. Heinrich Count Of Bavaria-12240 [Parents] was born about 920 in , , , Bavaria. He died in 953. He married Mrs. Mrs. Heinrich-77136.

Other marriages:
Heinrich, Mrs.

Mrs. Mrs. Heinrich-77136.Mrs. married Mr. Heinrich Count Of Bavaria-12240.

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