Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Samuel Fuller-87393 [Parents] was born in 1664. He died in 1683. He married Anne Fuller-83780 in 1658.

Anne Fuller-83780 [Parents] was born in 1634 in Barnstable, , Mass.. She was christened in 1639 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts. She died in Dec 1691 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. She was buried before 30 Dec 1691. She married Samuel Fuller-87393 in 1658.

Other marriages:
Fuller, Samuel
Fuller, Samuel

Count Baudouin de Hainault-77849 [Parents] was born in 1061 in Hainault, France. He died on 21 Aug 1131. He married Malfia of Jerusalem-62653.

Other marriages:
de Louvain (Lorraine), Alix (Ida)
Melitene-Armeniƫ, Marcia van
Lorraine, Ida De

Malfia of Jerusalem-62653.Malfia married Count Baudouin de Hainault-77849.

They had the following children:

  F i Alice of Jerusalem-69575 was born about 1110. She died about 1153.
  F ii Alix (Alice) de Rethel Princess of Jerusalem-85762 was born about 1110. She died about 1153.

Frederick II von Buren-78304 [Parents] was born in 998 in Buren, Germany. He died in 1072. He married Adelheid von Filsgau-76420.

Adelheid von Filsgau-76420 was born about 989. She died about 1024. She married Frederick II von Buren-78304.

They had the following children:

  M i Friedrich Count Of Buren (Hohenstau En)-56740 was born in 1015. He died in 1094.

Warin Munchensy-18289 [Parents] was born in 1192 in Gooderstone, Norfolk, England, Great Britain. He died on 20 Jul 1255. He married Dionisia (Denise) Anesty 2 wife-85458 before Jun 1235 in Of, Wensarthing, Kent, England.

Other marriages:
Marshall, Joane

Dionisia (Denise) Anesty 2 wife-85458 was born about 1210. She married Warin Munchensy-18289 before Jun 1235 in Of, Wensarthing, Kent, England.

They had the following children:

  M i William Munchensy-76432 was born about 1240. He died before 16 Sep 1287.

Agnar Sigtryggsson Av Vestfold-77276 [Parents] was born in 693 in Vestfold, Holtum, Norway. He married Mrs. Mrs. Agnar-76423.

Mrs. Mrs. Agnar-76423 was born about 693. She married Agnar Sigtryggsson Av Vestfold-77276.

They had the following children:

  M i Eirik Agnarsson-12203 was born about 715.

Mr. Mr. Issachar-76424 [Parents] was born in Padan, Aram. He married Miss Miss Aridah-77307.

Miss Miss Aridah-77307.Miss married Mr. Mr. Issachar-76424.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Tola-77980.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Phuvah-77937.
  M iii Mr. Mr. Job-77926.
  M iv Mr. Mr. Shimron-77914.

Mr. Mr. Jacob (Kronos) "Israel" Twin-77444 [Parents] was born in 1892 BC in Israel, Asia. He died in 1745/147 BC in Judea, Canaan. He was buried in Cave of MacHpelah Hebron. He married Miss Miss Leah-77414.

Other marriages:
Rachel, Miss
Jacob, Mrs. Zilpah
Jacob, Mrs. Bilhah
Jacob, Mrs. Bilhah

Miss Miss Leah-77414 [Parents] was born in 1837 BC in Padan-Aram, Haran. She died in 1786/0051 BC in Judea, Canaan. She was buried in Cave of MacHpelah Hebron. She married Mr. Mr. Jacob (Kronos) "Israel" Twin-77444.

They had the following children:

  M i Mr. Mr. Reuben-77204.
  M ii Mr. Mr. Simeon-76542.
  M iii Mr. Mr. Levi-76485 died in 137.
  M iv Judah (Jupiter,zeus,judas) Ibn Jacob King of Goshen-77464 was born in 1805 BC. He died in 1676 BC.
  M v Mr. Mr. Issachar-76424.
  M vi Mr. Mr. Zebulun-78380.
  F vii Miss Miss Dinah-77121.
  M viii Mr. Mr. Reuben-87508.
  M ix Mr. Mr. Simeon-86012.
  M x Mr. Mr. Levi-85897 died in 137.
  M xi Mr. Mr. Issachar-85777.
  M xii Mr. Mr. Zebulun-94885.
  F xiii Miss Miss Dinah-87337.

Athal Goths King of The Goths-76425 [Parents] was born about 240 in Goth. He married Mrs. Mrs. Athal-76426.

Mrs. Mrs. Athal-76426 was born about 240. She married Athal Goths King of The Goths-76425.

They had the following children:

  M i Achiulf Goths King of The Goths-76441 was born about 270.

She had the following children:

  F i Marie de Coucy [Queen of-70490 was born about 1218/1219.
  M ii Raoul II de Coucy [Seigneur-70433 was born about 1212. He died on 8 Feb 1250.

Iorwerth "Drwyndwn" Ap Owain-85454 was born about 1140 in Aberffraw Castle, Aberffraw, Anglsy, Wales. He died about 1184. He married Margred Maney Verch Madog heiress-75339 about 1163.

Margred Maney Verch Madog heiress-75339 [Parents] was born about 1129 in Of, , Montgomeryshire, Wales. She married Iorwerth "Drwyndwn" Ap Owain-85454 about 1163.

They had the following children:

  F i catherine verch iorwerth-83004 was born about 1175.
  M ii Llewelyn Ap iORWERTH Prince of Wales-66984 was born in 1173. He died on 11 Apr 1240.
  M iii Owain "The Red" Goch King of Gwynedd-92984.

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