Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Artaud II de Forez-75902 died in 999. He married Theutberga Vienne-75903.

Theutberga Vienne-75903 [Parents].Theutberga married Artaud II de Forez-75902.

They had the following children:

  M i Geraud II de Forez Count-77964 was born in 1000. He died in 1058.

Hugh Vienne Count-80623 [Parents] was born about 900. He died about 948. He married Willa Burgundy-80624.

Other marriages:
Burgundy, Willa

Willa Burgundy-80624 [Parents].Willa married Hugh Vienne Count-80623.

They had the following children:

  M i Hubert (Humbert,umberto) Vienne-80620 was born about 928. He died in 976.
  F ii Theutberga Vienne-75903.

Henry Turner-99420 was born in <1500> in <Of, Frisby, Leicestershire, England>. He married Elizabeth Brokesby-92751.

Elizabeth Brokesby-92751 [Parents] was born about 1504 in Of, Frisby, Leicestershire, England. She married Henry Turner-99420.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Turner-84824 was born about 1525. He died in 1572.

Thomas Turner-85419 [Parents] was born about 1543 in Of Blunts Hall, Little Wratting, Suffolk, England. He married Anne Heigham-83784.

Anne Heigham-83784.Anne married Thomas Turner-85419.

Hjervard Argrinmsson-75921 was born about 489. He married Ingibjorg (Inga) Yngvasdotter-75911 about 510.

Ingibjorg (Inga) Yngvasdotter-75911 [Parents] was born in 491 in Sweden. She married Hjervard Argrinmsson-75921 about 510.

Other marriages:
Olafsson, Frodi

Mr. Mr. Dag "The Powerful" King-75919 [Parents] was born in 431 in Sweden. He married Mrs Mrs Dag-75920 about 452 in of, , , Sweden.

Mrs Mrs Dag-75920 was born about 434 in of, , , Sweden. She married Mr. Mr. Dag "The Powerful" King-75919 about 452 in of, , , Sweden.

They had the following children:

  F i Dagreid Dagsson-1053 was born about 449.

sir sir John de Montgomery-77799 [Parents] was born about 1375. He died before 1429. He married Agnes macdonald-93373.

Agnes macdonald-93373 [Parents] was born about 1364 in of the isles. She died before Mar 1414. She married sir sir John de Montgomery-77799.

David Kenneth Spencer-83449 [Parents].David married Marshiel Malazarte Regala-75906.

Marshiel Malazarte Regala-75906.Marshiel married David Kenneth Spencer-83449.

Mr. Frosti-1070 was born about 402 in of, , , Finland. He married Mrs. Mrs. Frosti Queen of Finland-75935 in 423 in Finland.

Other marriages:

Mrs. Mrs. Frosti Queen of Finland-75935 was born in 404 in , Finland. She married Mr. Frosti-1070 in 423 in Finland.

They had the following children:

  F i Skjalf Frostasson-1067 was born in 428.

Charles Prince Of Franks [Duke Of Lorrain-12098 [Parents] was born before 953 in Of, Laon, Aisne, France. He died on 21 May 992/994 in , Kerker, Orleans, France. He was buried in St. Servatius, Maastricht. He married Agnès de Vermandois-75958.

Other marriages:
Vermandois, Agnes De
Lorraine, Bonne Adelaide Duchess
de Ardenne, Adelheid (Adelaide,bonnie)

Agnès de Vermandois-75958 [Parents] was born in 944 in Boulogne, France. She married Charles Prince Of Franks [Duke Of Lorrain-12098.

They had the following children:

  F i Gerberge Brabant (de Lorraine)-76257 was born in 977. She died in 1015/1018.
  M ii Ludwig (Mit Dem Barte) I Thuringia Count of Thuringia-78670 was born in 1027. He died on 13 Jun 1080.

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