Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Ponce IV d' Ampurias Comte-74758 [Parents] was born after 1215. He died after 1269. He married Renita Fernandez de Lara-74761 before 1242.

Renita Fernandez de Lara-74761 was born after 1220. She died before 1242. She married Ponce IV d' Ampurias Comte-74758 before 1242.

Tudur Ap Ednyfed-94635 [Parents] was born about 1178 in Of, Tregarnedd, Llangevni, Anglesey, Wales. He married Adles Verch Richard-100823.

Adles Verch Richard-100823 [Parents] was born about 1180 in Of Anglesey, Wales. She married Tudur Ap Ednyfed-94635.

They had the following children:

  M i Heilin Ap Tudor-86326 was born about 1235. He died after 1282.

Berengar de Cabrera-74760 was born before 1210. He died in 1248. He married Guillermina d' Ampurias-74759.

Guillermina d' Ampurias-74759 [Parents] was born after 1216. She died after 1277. She married Berengar de Cabrera-74760.

Girard II Amic de Sabran Chateauneuf Seigneur-74765 was born about 1130. He married Alix de Forcalquier Comtesse-74764 about 1180.

Alix de Forcalquier Comtesse-74764 [Parents] was born after 1131. She died on 9 Apr 1212. She married Girard II Amic de Sabran Chateauneuf Seigneur-74765 about 1180.

Armengol II el Pelegrino Urgel Comte-74772 [Parents] was born in 1001/1009. He died in 1038. He married Arsenda-74773 about 1020.

Other marriages:
Besalu, Constanza Velasquita de

Arsenda-74773 was born about 1000. She died before 1030. She married Armengol II el Pelegrino Urgel Comte-74772 about 1020.

Guillermo II de Pailhars Comte-74775 was born after 1000. He died about 1035. He married Estefania d' Urgel-74774.

Estefania d' Urgel-74774 [Parents] was born after 1010. She married Guillermo II de Pailhars Comte-74775.

Ratbold de Provence Comte-74776 [Parents] was born after 966.

He had the following children:

  F i Tetberga de Provence-74777 was born before 986.

Bernard Guillam de Entenza-56637 [Parents] was born about 1210.

He had the following children:

  M i Gombaldo de Entenca-70201 was born about 1274.
  M ii Berenger d'Entenza-65698 was born about 1270. He died about 1306.

Adalbert I d Rich Conte de Ivrea Burgund-73953 [Parents] was born about 820 in of,Ivrea,Piedmont,Italy. He died in 923. He married Gisela Princess of Italy Cda de Italy-25344 in 900.

Gisela Princess of Italy Cda de Italy-25344 [Parents] was born about 883 in of,,Verona,Veneto,Italy. She died about 912. She married Adalbert I d Rich Conte de Ivrea Burgund-73953 in 900.

They had the following children:

  M i Berengar II King of Italy Conde de Ivrea Burgund-72679 was born about 900. He died on 6 Aug 966.
  F ii Bertha Condessa de Burgund-69991 was born about 902 in of,Ivrea,Piedmont,Italy.

Boso of Tuscany-73043 [Parents] was born about 885 in of,Arles,Provence,France. He died about 938. He married Willa of Tuscany-71381 about 904.

Willa of Tuscany-71381 was born in 885 in of,,,,Tuscany,Italy. She married Boso of Tuscany-73043 about 904.

They had the following children:

  F i Willa of de Tuscany Countess Countess-73120 was born about 905. She died in 966.
  F ii Berta of Tuscany Countess Countess-73952 was born about 907. She died about 18 Aug 965.
  F iii Richilde of Tuscany Countess Countess-73956 was born about 909 in of,,,,Tuscany,Italy.
  F iv Gisla of Tuscany Countess Countess-37323 was born about 911 in of,,,,Tuscany,Italy.

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