Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Louis von Looz Hesbaye Graf-74508 [Parents] was born before 940. He married Aliade von Limburg-74510.

Other marriages:
Thoux, Lutgarde de

Aliade von Limburg-74510 was born about 965. She married Louis von Looz Hesbaye Graf-74508.

Arnulf I von Looz Graf-74511 [Parents] was born before 935. He married Lutgarde von Wormsgau-74514.

Lutgarde von Wormsgau-74514 was born after 940. She married Arnulf I von Looz Graf-74511.

Ludwig von Chiny Graf-74515 was born about 930. He married Catherine von Looz-74513.

Catherine von Looz-74513 [Parents] was born after 936. She married Ludwig von Chiny Graf-74515.

Goswin von Falkenberg Graf-74520 was born before 960. He married Oda von Walbeck-74519.

Oda von Walbeck-74519 [Parents] was born after 978. She married Goswin von Falkenberg Graf-74520.

Garcie Sanche le Courbe Gascogne Duc-74532 [Parents] was born before 840.

He had the following children:

  M i Guillaume Garcie de Fezensac Comte-74533 was born before 875. He died in 920.

Sancie Garces de Gascogne Duc-74536 [Parents] was born before 800.

He had the following children:

  M i Garcie Sanche le Courbe Gascogne Duc-74532 was born before 840.

Herminafrid von Thuringen Koenig-74546 was born about 490. He married Amalaberga of Ostrogoths-74539.

Amalaberga of Ostrogoths-74539 [Parents] was born after 488. She married Herminafrid von Thuringen Koenig-74546.

They had the following children:

  F i Rodilinda von Thuringen Princess-74545 was born before 530.

Arian Alboin of Lombards King-74541 [Parents] was born about 548. He died in 572. He married Rosamund of Gepidae-74622.

Other marriages:
Soissons, Chlotsuintha Clotsinda de Princess

Rosamund of Gepidae-74622 was born about 550. She married Arian Alboin of Lombards King-74541.

Audoin de Lombard Roi-74544 was born before 520. He died in 565. He married Rodilinda von Thuringen Princess-74545.

Rodilinda von Thuringen Princess-74545 [Parents] was born before 530. She married Audoin de Lombard Roi-74544.

They had the following children:

  M i Arian Alboin of Lombards King-74541 was born about 548. He died in 572.

Michel de Chaugy-74550 was born before 850. He married Anonym de Roussillon-74549.

Anonym de Roussillon-74549 [Parents] was born before 850. She married Michel de Chaugy-74550.

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