Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William Wellmon 1st-105218 [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1763 in , Maryland. He died on 6 Sep 1857 in Home, Falston, Cleveland, Nc. He was buried in Wellmon Cemetery, Falston, Cleveland, Nc. He married Preshey Williams-81254.

Other marriages:
Moss, Peggy Rebecca

Preshey Williams-81254 was born in , of Catawba Co., Nc. She married William Wellmon 1st-105218.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Wellmon-83452 was born in 1841.
  M ii John F. Wellmon-97221.
  F iii Olivine Wellmon-101280.
  M iv Silas Wellmon-51123 died as a child.

Ocke Heinrichsen Flor-55908 [Parents] was born about 1735 in Fohr, Schleswig, Germany. He married Thur Rickmin-70198.

Thur Rickmin-70198 was born about 1740 in Germany. She married Ocke Heinrichsen Flor-55908.

They had the following children:

  M i Heinrich Flor-73253 was born in 1780.

Ernst Flohr-55875 [Parents] was born about 1628 in Coesfield, Westfalen, Germany. He married Gertrude Hanninck-73218.

Other marriages:
Hanninck, Gertrude

Gertrude Hanninck-73218.Gertrude married Ernst Flohr-55875.

Herman Flohr-55868 [Parents] was born about 1630 in Borghorst, Westfalen, Germany. He married Alhayat-73233.

Other marriages:
, Alhayat

Alhayat-73233.Alhayat married Herman Flohr-55868.

Johan Flohr-55879 [Parents] was born about 1639 in Burgsteinfurt, Westfalen, Germany. He married Enneke Kannegieters-73223.

Other marriages:
Kannegieters, Enneke

Enneke Kannegieters-73223.Enneke married Johan Flohr-55879.

Tones Flohr-55878 [Parents] was born about 1634 in Borghorst, Westfalen, Germany. He married Marai Bockholt-73234.

Other marriages:
Bockholt, Marai

Marai Bockholt-73234.Marai married Tones Flohr-55878.

William Cole Sir-30671.William married Catherine Parsons-84712.

Catherine Parsons-84712 [Parents] was born about 1607 in of Birr Castle, Offaly, Ireland. She married William Cole Sir-30671.

James Westley Carpenter-87917 [Parents] was born on 13 Aug 1864. He died on 25 Mar 1936. He was buried in Mt Lebanon Ch, Rutherford, Nc. He married Elora Grayson-87971.

Other marriages:
Smith, Sarah Laura Julia Lanney Mettie Danel

Elora Grayson-87971 was born in Jan 1868. She married James Westley Carpenter-87917.

They had the following children:

  F i Nimmie Carpenter-99627 was born in Aug 1891.
  M ii Colon Carpenter-38356 was born in Jul 1894.
  M iii John Carroll Carpenter-97898 was born on 3 Jan 1897.
  M iv William Carpenter-37134 was born on 20 Dec 1899.

Francisco Flores-55956 [Parents] was born about 1510 in Trujillo, Caceres, Spain. He married Sra Bastidas-55958 about 1538 in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador.

Sra Bastidas-55958 was born about 1515 in Guadalcanal, Sevilla, Spain. She married Francisco Flores-55956 about 1538 in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador.

They had the following children:

  M i Francisco Flores Bastidas-55957 was born about 1539 in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador.
  M ii Alonso Flores Bastidas-51265 was born about 1540 in Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador.

Charles III "The Franks-11598 [Parents] was born on 17 Sep 879 in , , , France. He died on 7 Oct 929 in , Peronne, Somme, France. He was buried in St Fursi, Peronne, Somme, France. He married Ogine Edigfu of Wessex-72873 in 917.

Other marriages:
Franks, Eadgifu Ogive, Queen
Franks, Mrs-Charles III Concubine
Franks, Frederune Queen Of
Franks, Mrs-Charles III, Concubine
Franks, Mrs-Charles III, Concubine
Charles III "The Simple", Mrs. Concubine of France

Ogine Edigfu of Wessex-72873 was born in 902. She died about 951. She married Charles III "The Franks-11598 in 917.

Other marriages:
Troyes, Heribert de Meaux Comte

They had the following children:

  M i Louis IV d'Outre-Mer France Roi-72467 was born in 918. He died on 10 Sep 954.
  F ii Gisla de France-72929 was born after 917.

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