Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Thomas Griffith Nicholas-56845 was born about 1460.

He had the following children:

  F i Margaret Griffith Nicholas-52738 was born about 1480.

John Flower-73127 was born about 1490 in Floiers Hays, , Devon, England. He married Joan Carin-55959.

Joan Carin-55959 was born about 1490. She married John Flower-73127.

Other marriages:
Flower, John

Arnoul II Count Flanders-21762 [Parents] was born about 941 in , , Flanders, France. He died on 30 Mar 987 in Flandres, Normandy, France. He was buried on 30 Mar 987/989 in Flandres, Normandy, France. He married Rosalie Susanna d' Ivrea-71637 about 960.

Other marriages:
Italy, Rosele (Susanna), Princess [Queen Of France

Rosalie Susanna d' Ivrea-71637 [Parents] was born in 945. She died on 7 Feb 1003. She married Arnoul II Count Flanders-21762 about 960.

Other marriages:
France, Robert II le Pieux Roi

They had the following children:

  F i Mathilde von Flandern-73714 was born after 968.
  M ii Gerhard I von Wasseburg Graf-74309 was born before 967.
  M iii Baudouin IV Barbatus Flandres Comte-58636 was born in 968. He died in 1035/1039.
  M iv Rutger I von Cleve-74307 was born after 960.

Christell Seton-95290 [Parents] was born about 1214 in Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland. He married Agnes Dunbar-94299.

Agnes Dunbar-94299.Agnes married Christell Seton-95290.

Raoul II Mantes Chaumont Comte-74040 [Parents] was born in 1010. He died in 1064/1074. He married Anne Agnesa Yaroslavna Kiev Princess-70563 after 1060.

Other marriages:
sur Aube, Adele de Bar

Anne Agnesa Yaroslavna Kiev Princess-70563 was born in 1036. She died in 1089. She married Raoul II Mantes Chaumont Comte-74040 after 1060.

Other marriages:
France, Henry I King

Baudouin I Bras der Fer Flandern Grand-Forestier-72184 was born in 840. He died in 879 in Arras. He married Judith de France Princess-72321 in 862 in Auxerre.

Judith de France Princess-72321 [Parents] was born in 843/844. She died in 870. She married Baudouin I Bras der Fer Flandern Grand-Forestier-72184 in 862 in Auxerre.

Other marriages:
England, AEthelwulf of Kent King
England, AEthelbald of King

They had the following children:

  F i Ledgarde de Flandres Amiens Comtesse-73515 was born after 860.
  M ii Baudouin II le Chauve Flandres Comte-72788 was born in 863/865. He died on 10 Sep 918.
  M iii Ranulf Ralph de Cambrai Comte-71274 was born in 865. He died on 17 Jun 896.

Simon I Montfort l'Amaury Seigneur-38649 was born in 1025. He died in 1087. He married Agnes D' Evreux-18105 after 1066.

Other marriages:

Agnes D' Evreux-18105 [Parents] was born about 1030 in Of, Evreux, Normandy, France. She died about 1087. She married Simon I Montfort l'Amaury Seigneur-38649 after 1066.

Other marriages:
Montfort, Simon I Seigneur [Seigneur De I]
Simon I, van Montfort-l'Amaury

They had the following children:

  M i Richard de Montfort l'Amaury-74233 was born after 1066. He died in 1092.
  M ii Simon de Montfort l'Amaury-74234 was born after 1066.
  M iii Guillaume d' Evreux Comte-73922 was born after 1066.
  M iv Amaury IV Montfort l'Amaury Comte-38343 was born after 1069. He died before 1142.
  F v Bertrade De Montfort [Queen Of France-18106 was born about 1059. She died on 14 Feb 1117.

Johannes Fluri-54261 [Parents] was born on 8 Jun 1637 in Solothurn, Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Lack-73225 on 12 May 1659.

Other marriages:
Lack, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lack-73225.Elizabeth married Johannes Fluri-54261 on 12 May 1659.

Christian Flor-54794 [Parents] was born about 1555. He married Magdalena Wyss-73151.

Other marriages:
Wyss, Magdalena

Magdalena Wyss-73151.Magdalena married Christian Flor-54794.

They had the following children:

  F i Margaretha Fluri-55641 was born about 1592.

Guillaume VII, Count of Montpellier-38629 [Parents] was born in 1128 in Montpellier,Herault,France. He died before 29 Nov 1172. He married Mathilde de Burgundy-38628 on 25 Feb 1159 in Montpellier, , France.

Mathilde de Burgundy-38628 [Parents] was born in 1132 in of,,Bourgogne,France. She died before 29 Nov 1172. She married Guillaume VII, Count of Montpellier-38629 on 25 Feb 1159 in Montpellier, , France.

They had the following children:

  M i Guillaume VIII, Count of Montpellier-50253 was born in 1158. He died after 4 Nov 1202.
  M ii Guillem de Montpellier-69466 was born about 1160 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  M iii Guido Bergondion de Montpellier-36398 was born about 1162 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France. He died in 1183.
  M iv Raymond de Montpellier-72692 was born about 1164 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  F v Sibylia de Montpellier-69254 was born about 1166 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  F vi Guillemette de Montpellier-70185 was born about 1168 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  F vii Adelaide de Montpellier-72128 was born about 1170 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  F viii Maria de Montpellier-72099 was born about 1172 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France.
  F ix Clementia de Montpellier-70701 was born about 1174 in of,Montpellier,Herault,France. She died in 1204.

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