Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Peter II of Aragon-56798 [Parents] was born in 1174 in Zaragoza,Zaragoza,Spain. He died on 13 Sep 1213 in Muret. He was buried in Santa Cruz. He married Maria , Countess of Montpellier-72797 on 5 Jun 1204 in Montpellier,Herault,France. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Montpellier, Maria van

Maria , Countess of Montpellier-72797 [Parents] was born about 1178 in Montpellier,Herault,France. She died on 21 Jan 1213 in Roma,Roma,Italy. She married Peter II of Aragon-56798 on 5 Jun 1204 in Montpellier,Herault,France. The marriage ended in divorce.

They had the following children:

  F i Sancha , Princess of Aragon-63690 was born in 1205 in Montpellier,Herault,France. She died about 1206.
  M ii Jaime I Conqueror, King Aragon-38591 was born on 1 Feb 1207/1208. He died on 25 Jul 1276.

Morgan Martin Sr.-37666 [Parents] was born on 7 Mar 1784 in , York, SC. He died on 1 Jul 1875 in , York, SC. He married Jane Ramsey-95726.

Jane Ramsey-95726 [Parents] was born on 16 Jul 1798 in , York, SC. She died on 9 Sep 1871 in , York, SC. She married Morgan Martin Sr.-37666.

They had the following children:

  M i Morgan Martin Jr.-37924 was born on 26 May 1815. He died on 1 Jul 1875.
  F ii Malinda Martin-37920 was born on 14 Feb 1817.
  M iii John Martin-37073 was born on 8 May 1819 in , York, Sc. He died on 29 Mar 1884 in , Ga.
  M iv Moses Martin-37899 was born on 29 Sep 1821. He died on 4 Feb 1901.
  F v Sarah Caroline Martin-37939 was born on 22 May 1824. She died before 1871.
  M vi Major J. Martin-36794 was born on 29 Jul 1826.
  F vii Martha Kathryn Martin-37716 was born on 22 Jul 1829. She died on 24 Dec 1859.
  M viii Thomas Alexander Martin-28778 was born on 26 Feb 1831. He died on 30 Dec 1882.
  M ix Colonel Abraham Martin-37058 was born on 26 May 1834. He died on 8 Apr 1907.
  F x Elizabeth Martin-37072 was born on 14 Jan 1836 in , York, Sc.

Osten Ness-73063.Osten married Ingrid Nilsdatter Gukil-51419.

Ingrid Nilsdatter Gukil-51419 [Parents] was born in 1638 in Fet, Akershus, Norway. She married Osten Ness-73063.

Other marriages:
Ness, Osten
Bunes, Anders Torersen

Daniel Crouse-38363.Daniel married Anna Carpenter-28331 on 25 Mar 1808.

Anna Carpenter-28331 [Parents] died on 10 Jan 1839. She married Daniel Crouse-38363 on 25 Mar 1808.

sir sir henry Vere-52736 [Parents] was born about 1150. He married Hildeburga-94072.

Other marriages:
, Hildeburga

Hildeburga-94072 was born about 1155. She married sir sir henry Vere-52736.

Rokesley-55706 was born about 1365.

He had the following children:

  M i Walter Rokesley-31824 was born about 1406.
  M ii Thomas Rokesley-36890.

John Crooke-53062 [Parents] was born about 1420.

He had the following children:

  F i Phillipa Crooke-54059 was born about 1452.

Sir Richard Flore-49417 [Parents] was born about 1460 in Oakham, Rutlandshire, England. He died in 1523 in Germany. He married Daughter 1 Burton-100032 about 1482.

Other marriages:
Tessington, Elizabeth

Daughter 1 Burton-100032 [Parents] was born in 1464 in Tolethorp, Rutlandshire, England. She married Sir Richard Flore-49417 about 1482.

John Flower-73080 was born about 1406 in Oakham, Rutland, England. He died in Melksham, Wiltshire, England. He married Marjorie Croke-73081.

Marjorie Croke-73081.Marjorie married John Flower-73080.

They had the following children:

  M i John Flower-73079 was born about 1450. He died about 1515.

Pepin I Bayern Italie Koenig-57618 [Parents] was born in Apr 773. He died on 8 Jul 810. He married Bertha de Toulouse Aquitaine-70230 in 795.

Bertha de Toulouse Aquitaine-70230 [Parents] was born before 780. She married Pepin I Bayern Italie Koenig-57618 in 795.

They had the following children:

  M i Bernhard I d' Italie Koenig-72536 was born about 797. He died on 17 Aug 818.
  F ii Adelheid Athalia d' Italie-72771 was born after 800. She died in 847/850.
  F iii Adele d'Italie-73266 was born after 798.
  F iv Guntrade d'Italie-73267 was born after 798.
  F v Berta d'Italie-73268 was born after 798.
  F vi Theodrada d'Italie-73269 was born after 798.

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