Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Henry Wyman-29128 was born about 1344 in <Of, , Yorkshire, England>. He married Agnes De Barden-33180.

Agnes De Barden-33180 was born about 1346 in <Of, , Yorkshire, England>. She married Henry Wyman-29128.

They had the following children:

  F i Joan (Jane) Wyman-19416 was born about 1370.

Gauthier II le Blanc Vexin Comte-66188 was born about 940. He died in 960. He married Adelais de Senlis Vermandois-51006 after 930.

Adelais de Senlis Vermandois-51006 [Parents] was born about 931. She died in 982. She married Gauthier II le Blanc Vexin Comte-66188 after 930.

Other marriages:
Anjou, Gauzfred I Grisegonnelle Comte

They had the following children:

  F i Adele d' Amiens Vexin-66186 was born before 970.
  M ii Drogo Dreux Mantes Vexin Comte-73161 was born before 970. He died after 1035.
  M iii Raoul I Valois Crespy Comte-74038 was born before 970.
  M iv Foulques d' Amiens Eveque-74037 was born before 970.

Josiah Whittier-36247 [Parents] was born on 11 Jul 1794 in Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire. He died on 26 Dec 1850. He married Hannah Heath-37325 on 17 Apr 1816.

Hannah Heath-37325.Hannah married Josiah Whittier-36247 on 17 Apr 1816.

Emperor Pierre Peter II de Courtenay-51008 [Parents] was born about 1155 in Courtenay,Galinois,France. He died about Jan 1218 in , Epirus, , Greece. He married Yolande de Hainault [Princess]-62213.

Other marriages:
Flanders, Yolanda Hennegau de
Nevers, Agnes de Countess

Yolande de Hainault [Princess]-62213 [Parents] was born in 1175 in Flanders,Belgium. She died on 26 Aug 1219 in Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey. She married Emperor Pierre Peter II de Courtenay-51008.

They had the following children:

  F i Marguerite de Courtenay-61624 was born about 1194. She died on 17 Jul 1270.
  F ii Yolande (Iolande) de Courtenay [Queen Hungary] [Queen Hungary]-63715 was born about 1198. She died in 1232/1233.
  F iii Marie de Courtenay [Princess] [Princess]-51043 was born about 1204. She died in Sep 1222.
  F iv Eleanor de Courtenay-65913 was born before 1229 in Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey. She died in L'Abbaye De S. a.,Paris,Seine-Et-Marne,France.
  M v Robert de Courtenay [Emperor] [Emperor]-66193 died in 1228.
  M vi Baldwin II de Constantinople [Emperor] [Emperor]-57246 was born in 1217. He died in Oct 1273 in Foggia,Italy.
  M vii Elizabeth de Courtenay-62252.

Henrik Anderson Flor-34388 [Parents] was born about 1666 in Roros, Trondheim, St, Norway. He died in Oct 1730 in Tolga, Hedmark, Norway. He married Chatrine Pedersdatter-72874.

Other marriages:
Irgens, Elisabeth Sophie
Pedersdatter, Chatrine

Chatrine Pedersdatter-72874.Chatrine married Henrik Anderson Flor-34388.

Sir Walter Fauconberg-38751 [Parents] was born about 1338. He died in 1392.

He had the following children:

  F i Isabel Fauconberg of Bilton-55298 was born about 1370. She died in 1411.

William Coke-49528.

He had the following children:

  F i Bridget Coke-52629 was born about 1484.

William Wellmon 1st-95220 [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1763 in , Maryland. He died on 6 Sep 1857 in Home, Falston, Cleveland, Nc. He was buried in Wellmon Cemetery, Falston, Cleveland, Nc. He married Preshey Williams-52615.

Other marriages:
Moss, Peggy Rebecca

Preshey Williams-52615 was born in , of Catawba Co., Nc. She married William Wellmon 1st-95220.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Wellmon-29883 was born in 1841.
  M ii John F. Wellmon-37807.
  F iii Olivine Wellmon-37496.
  M iv Silas Wellmon-48343 died as a child.

Samuel Carpenter-101395 [Parents] died before 28 May 1839. He married Elizabeth Rudisill-104795 on 4 Oct 1804.

Elizabeth Rudisill-104795 was born on 11 Aug 1774. She died on 26 Sep 1839. She married Samuel Carpenter-101395 on 4 Oct 1804.

Morten Pedersen Stadskaptein Leuche-40319 [Parents] was born on 6 May 1665 in Oslo, Akershus, Norway. He died on 5 Mar 1717 in Oslo, Akershus, Norway. He married Karen Muller Pedersdatter-72901 on 10 May 1663.

Other marriages:
Pedersdatter, Karen Muller

Karen Muller Pedersdatter-72901.Karen married Morten Pedersen Stadskaptein Leuche-40319 on 10 May 1663.

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