Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Winfield A. Austin-7765 was born in 1888. He died in 1973. He married Rosina Albertine Larsen-6232.

Rosina Albertine Larsen-6232 [Parents] was born on 30 Apr 1887 in Fish Creek, Monroe, Wisconsin. She died in 1969 in , Monroe, Wisconsin. She married Winfield A. Austin-7765.

They had the following children:

  F i Frances M. Austin-7766 was born in 1914. She died in 1953.
  M ii Roswell Austin-7767 was born on 9 Aug 1915.
  F iii Janet A. Austin-7768 was born in 1917.
  F iv Estelle Austin-7769 was born in 1919.
  F v Vera Austin-7775.
  M vi William W. Austin-7770 was born in 1923.
  F vii Eleanor Austin-7771 was born in 1926.
  M viii Carlton Austin-7773.
  F ix Nancy Austin-7774.

Harris Larsen-6233 [Parents] was born in Fish Creek, Monroe, Wisconsin. He married Floy Jensen-7803.

Floy Jensen-7803 was born in 1882. She died in 1972 in Tomah, Monroe, Wisconsin. She married Harris Larsen-6233.

Oscar Evenson-7691 [Parents] was born in 1875. He died in 1944. He married Amelia Andrine Larsen-6234.

Amelia Andrine Larsen-6234 [Parents] was born on 13 Dec 1879 in Fish Creek, Monroe, Wisconsin. She married Oscar Evenson-7691.

They had the following children:

  F i Verna Evenson-7692.
  F ii Alma Evenson-7693.
  F iii Mabel Evenson-7694 was born in 1909. She died in 1987.
  F iv Cora Evenson-7695.
  M v Orvie Evenson-7696.
  F vi Ardis Evenson-7697.

Chris Arentsen-7761.Chris married Molly Laura Larsen-6235.

Molly Laura Larsen-6235 [Parents] was born on 4 Aug 1882 in Fish Creek, Monroe, Wisconsin. She married Chris Arentsen-7761.

They had the following children:

  F i Wilma Arentsen-7762.
  F ii Marvel Arentsen-7763.
  F iii Carston Arentsen-7764 died in , , Iowa.

Harley Tripp-6237.Harley married Alice Larsen-7701.

Alice Larsen-7701 [Parents].Alice married Harley Tripp-6237.

Howard Slayton-6238 [Parents].Howard married Mary Jane Meier-7806.

Mary Jane Meier-7806.Mary married Howard Slayton-6238.

They had the following children:

  U i Child Curtis-7807.
  U ii Child Curtis-7808.

Richard Slayton-6239 [Parents].Richard married Beverly Phillips-7810.

Beverly Phillips-7810.Beverly married Richard Slayton-6239.

Milton Madsen-7809.Milton married Marie Slayton-6240.

Marie Slayton-6240 [Parents].Marie married Milton Madsen-7809.

Harold Schluenz-7805.Harold married Beverly Slayton-6241.

Beverly Slayton-6241 [Parents].Beverly married Harold Schluenz-7805.

Bjarne Erlingssen-14367 [Parents] was born about 1313 in Of, Bjarkoy, Troms, Norway. He died in 1353/1354. He married Herdis Torvaldsdatter-6247.

Other marriages:
Erlingsen, Rikisa Mrs

Herdis Torvaldsdatter-6247.Herdis married Bjarne Erlingssen-14367.

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