Relatives of Bruce Rognan

David Seymour Tracy-68712 [Parents] was born on 2 May 1852 in Mound Fort,Weber,Utah. He died on 7 Oct 1946. He married Elizabeth Marriot-68728 on 15 Nov 1872.

Elizabeth Marriot-68728.Elizabeth married David Seymour Tracy-68712 on 15 Nov 1872.

Charles Albert Tracy-68713 [Parents] was born on 19 Jun 1854 in Bingham Fort,Weber,Utah. He died on 19 Jun 1922. He married Agnes Owen McLean-68729 on 1 Dec 1873.

Agnes Owen McLean-68729.Agnes married Charles Albert Tracy-68713 on 1 Dec 1873.

Edward W. Irwin-68730.Edward married Nancy Ellen Naomi Tracy-68714 on 24 Oct 1878.

Nancy Ellen Naomi Tracy-68714 [Parents] was born on 18 Sep 1857 in Bingham Fort,Weber,Utah. She died on 3 Dec 1938. She married Edward W. Irwin-68730 on 24 Oct 1878.

Alexander Hill Moyes-68731.Alexander married Nancy Mirinda Tracy-68716 on 24 Oct 1878.

Nancy Mirinda Tracy-68716 [Parents] was born on 25 Sep 1861 in Marriott,Weber,Utah. She died on 8 Oct 1946. She married Alexander Hill Moyes-68731 on 24 Oct 1878.

Orson Hall-68732.Orson married Eliza Ann Tracy-68719 on 26 Jan 1877.

Eliza Ann Tracy-68719 [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1857 in Fort Supply,Green River,Sweet Water,Wyoming. She died on 14 Nov 1901. She married Orson Hall-68732 on 26 Jan 1877.

Eli Mosiah Tracy-68720 [Parents] was born on 29 Jan 1862 in Ogden,Weber,Utah. He died on 15 Dec 1934 in St Johns,Apache,Arizona. He married Mary Ellen Holmes-68733 on 18 Feb 1887 in Huntsville,Weber,Utah.

Mary Ellen Holmes-68733 was born on 13 Dec 1866 in North Ogden,Weber,Utah. She died on 21 Oct 1927 in Tyler,Fergus,Montana. She married Eli Mosiah Tracy-68720 on 18 Feb 1887 in Huntsville,Weber,Utah.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Elizabeth Tracy-68734 was born on 3 Jan 1888. She died on 27 Aug 1962.
  M ii Heber Mosiah Tracy-68735 was born on 7 Aug 1890. He died on 9 Oct 1978.
  M iii Charles Alma Tracy-68736 was born on 16 Oct 1892. He died on 3 Feb 1969.
  M iv Henry Eli Tracy-68737 was born on 7 Dec 1895. He died on 18 Dec 1964.
  F v Geneva Naoma Tracy-68738 was born on 20 Aug 1898. She died on 19 Aug 1972.
  M vi Lyman Tracy-68739.
  M vii Mark Austin Tracy-68740 was born on 26 Feb 1904 in Magrath,Alberta,Canada. He died on 7 Jun 1927.
  F viii Ellen Tracy-68741.

Charles A. Tracy-68721 [Parents] was born on 26 Nov 1869 in Huntsville,Weber,Utah. He died on 22 Nov 1891. He married Hannah Mickelson-68742 on 31 Aug 1893.

Hannah Mickelson-68742.Hannah married Charles A. Tracy-68721 on 31 Aug 1893.

David Irwin Tracy-68722 [Parents] was born on 11 Jan 1872 in Huntsville,Weber,Utah. He died on 11 Jan 1929. He married Emma M. Peterson-68743 on 20 Dec 1895.

Emma M. Peterson-68743.Emma married David Irwin Tracy-68722 on 20 Dec 1895.

John Forbes Anderson-68744.John married Sarah Elizabeth Tracy-68734 on 3 Jun 1910.

Sarah Elizabeth Tracy-68734 [Parents] was born on 3 Jan 1888 in North Ogden,Weber,Utah. She died on 27 Aug 1962. She married John Forbes Anderson-68744 on 3 Jun 1910.

Heber Mosiah Tracy-68735 [Parents] was born on 7 Aug 1890 in Huntsville,Weber,Utah. He died on 9 Oct 1978. He married Roberta Clawson-68745.

Other marriages:
Tracy, Agnes Mrs Mrs
Renaldi, Katherine

Roberta Clawson-68745.Roberta married Heber Mosiah Tracy-68735.

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