Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Pierre Trouseau-66646 died in 1340. He married Isabella van Dreux-66645 about 1327.

Isabella van Dreux-66645 [Parents] was born in 1316. She died in 1341. She married Pierre Trouseau-66646 about 1327.

Thibaut IV van Mathefelon-66648.Thibaut married Beatrix van Dreux-66647 in 1339.

Beatrix van Dreux-66647 [Parents] was born in 1319. She died in 1356. She was buried in de abdij van Chaboce, Anjou, Frankrijk. She married Thibaut IV van Mathefelon-66648 in 1339.

Drouin van Trainel-66652.Drouin married Johanna van Dreux-66650.

Johanna van Dreux-66650 [Parents] was born in 1326. She died in 1358. She was buried in Angers, Frankrijk. She married Drouin van Trainel-66652.

Other marriages:
Brie, Johan III van

Johan III van Brie-66651 died in 1356. He married Johanna van Dreux-66650 about 1334.

Johanna van Dreux-66650 [Parents] was born in 1326. She died in 1358. She was buried in Angers, Frankrijk. She married Johan III van Brie-66651 about 1334.

Other marriages:
Trainel, Drouin van

Roger van Hellenvilliers-66654.Roger married Margaretha van Dreux-66653 in 1379.

Margaretha van Dreux-66653 [Parents] was born in 1359. She died in 1400. She married Roger van Hellenvilliers-66654 in 1379.

Jan I van Dreux-66655 [Parents] was born in 1290. He died in 1347. He married Margaretha van La Roche-66681 about 1316.

Margaretha van La Roche-66681.Margaretha married Jan I van Dreux-66655 about 1316.

They had the following children:

  F i Philippe van Dreux-67742 was born in 1317.
  F ii Alienor van Dreux-67744 was born in 1318. She died in 1340.
  F iii Marie van Dreux-67746 was born in 1319. She died in 1350.
  M iv Etienne Gauvain I van Dreux-66682 was born in 1330. He died in 1392/1395.

Barthelemy van Montbazon-66657.Barthelemy married Marie van Dreux-66656.

Marie van Dreux-66656 [Parents] was born in 1293. She married Barthelemy van Montbazon-66657.

Gaucher V van Chatillon-66659 died in 1329. He married Isabelle van Dreux-66658 in 1276/1281.

Isabelle van Dreux-66658 [Parents] was born in 1264. She died in 1300. She married Gaucher V van Chatillon-66659 in 1276/1281.

Jan van Dreux-66663 [Parents] was born in 1198. He died in 1239. He married Alix van BourgondiĆ«-66664 in 1218/1227.

Alix van Bourgondiƫ-66664.Alix married Jan van Dreux-66663 in 1218/1227.

Robert van Saint-Clair-66667.Robert married Eleonore van Dreux-66665.

Eleonore van Dreux-66665 [Parents] was born in 1186 in Of, Dreux, Eure-Et-Loire, France. She died in Apr 1248. She married Robert van Saint-Clair-66667.

Other marriages:
Chateauneuf, Hugo III van
Saint Clair, Robert de Sir Knight
Chateauneuf, Hugues III de
Sinclair, Robert de

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