Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Willem van Joinville-66482.Willem married Marie van Tanlay-66481.

Marie van Tanlay-66481 [Parents] was born in 1228. She died in 1281. She married Willem van Joinville-66482.

Pierre van Coral-66486.Pierre married Johanna van Tanlay-66485.

Johanna van Tanlay-66485 [Parents] was born in 1208. She died in 1250. She married Pierre van Coral-66486.

Milon van Tonnerre-66488.Milon married Alix van Tanlay-66487.

Alix van Tanlay-66487 [Parents] was born in 1209. She died in 1243. She married Milon van Tonnerre-66488.

John Montagu-54000 [Parents] was born about 1414 in Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He married Elizabeth Plantagenet-56325 in Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Elizabeth Plantagenet-56325 [Parents] was born in 1418 in <Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England>. She married John Montagu-54000 in Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Walter of Caesarea-38786.Walter married Marguerite d' Ibelin-70815.

Marguerite d' Ibelin-70815 [Parents] was born in Of, Ibelin, , Palestine. She died after 1240. She married Walter of Caesarea-38786.

Other marriages:
Tabarie, Hugh of

They had the following children:

  M i John of Caesarea-71372.

Jan II van Donjon-66502.Jan married Clemence van Courtenay-66501.

Clemence van Courtenay-66501 [Parents] was born in 1202. She died in 1250. She married Jan II van Donjon-66502.

Raoul van Fresne-66504.Raoul married Agnes van Courtenay-66503.

Agnes van Courtenay-66503 [Parents] was born in 1204. She married Raoul van Fresne-66504.

Raoul van Courtenay-66506 [Parents] was born in 1223. He died in 1271 in Napels, Italië. He married Alix van Bigorre-66507 about 1247.

Alix van Bigorre-66507 died in 1255. She was buried in Montargis, Frankrijk. She married Raoul van Courtenay-66506 about 1247.

They had the following children:

  F i Mathilde van Courtenay-66508 was born in 1254. She died in 1303 in Italië.

Willem I van Courtenay-66511 [Parents] was born in 1228. He died in 1280. He was buried in de abdij Notre-Dame te Fontaine-Jean. He married Agnes van Toucy-66512 in 1263/1264.

Other marriages:
Bourgondië, Margaretha van

Agnes van Toucy-66512.Agnes married Willem I van Courtenay-66511 in 1263/1264.

They had the following children:

  M i Jan I van Courtenay-66520 was born in 1265. He died in 1318.

Willem I van Dampierre-Bessay-66516 died in 1290. He married Isabeau van Courtenay-66515 in 1270.

Isabeau van Courtenay-66515 [Parents] was born in 1253. She died in 1296. She was buried in Bessay-en-Bourbonais, Frankrijk. She married Willem I van Dampierre-Bessay-66516 in 1270.

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