Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Philipp van Montagu-66415 [Parents] was born in 1227. He died in 1277. He married Flore van Antigny-66416 in 1251.

Other marriages:
, Nn

Flore van Antigny-66416.Flore married Philipp van Montagu-66415 in 1251.

They had the following children:

  F i Johanna van Montagu-66418 was born in 1257. She died in 1290.

Diederik van Mompelgard-66419 died in 1287. He married Johanna van Montagu-66418.

Johanna van Montagu-66418 [Parents] was born in 1257. She died in 1290. She married Diederik van Mompelgard-66419.

Odo van Frolois-66422 died in 1309. He married Margaretha van Montagu-66421.

Margaretha van Montagu-66421 [Parents] was born in 1262. She died in 1328. She was buried in Fontenay. She married Odo van Frolois-66422.

Pierre van Palleau-66427 died in 1274. He married Margaretha van Montagu-66426.

Margaretha van Montagu-66426 [Parents] was born in 1232. She died in 1255. She married Pierre van Palleau-66427.

Girard van Montagu-66429 [Parents] was born in 1203. He died in 1222. He married Eschiva van Mompelgard-66430.

Eschiva van Mompelgard-66430.Eschiva married Girard van Montagu-66429.

Hendrik van Vermandois-66436 [Parents] died in 1130.

He had the following children:

  M i Hugo I van Chaumont-66437 died in 1170.
  M ii Gautier van Chaumont-66446 died in 1150.

Hugo I van Chaumont-66437 [Parents] died in 1170.

He had the following children:

  M i Hugo II van Chaumont-66438 died in 1196.
  M ii Philippe van Chaumont-66445 died in 1165.

Hugo II van Chaumont-66438 [Parents] died in 1196.

Other marriages:
Courtenay, Marguerite de

He had the following children:

  M i Philippe van Chaumont-66439 died in 1209.
  M ii Renaud van Chaumont-66440.
  M iii Thibaut van Chaumont-66442 died in 1209.
  M iv Robert van Chaumont-66443 died in 1214.
  F v Mathilda van Chaumont-66444 died in 1209.

Renaud van Chaumont-66440 [Parents].Renaud married Beatrix-66441.

Beatrix-66441.Beatrix married Renaud van Chaumont-66440.

Hugo III van Gournay-en-Bray-66449 died in 1180. He married Beatrix van Vermandois-66448.

Beatrix van Vermandois-66448 [Parents] died in 1144. She married Hugo III van Gournay-en-Bray-66449.

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