Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Rudolf I-66070 [Parents] died in 866. He married Hruodun-66071.

Hruodun-66071 died in 867. She married Rudolf I-66070.

They had the following children:

  M i Koenraad-66072 died in 882.
  M ii Welf-66073 died in 881.
  M iii Hugo-66074.
  M iv Rudolf II-66075.

Hugh Le Despencer-30566 [Parents] was born on 1 Mar 1260 in Ryhall, Rutland, England. He died on 27 Oct 1326 in , Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He married Isabel De Beauchamp-33668 about 1280.

Other marriages:
de Beauchamp, Isabel

Isabel De Beauchamp-33668 [Parents] was born about 1255 in Of, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England. She died about 30 May 1306 in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England. She married Hugh Le Despencer-30566 about 1280.

Other marriages:
Lovet, Henry
Blount, William Knight
Chaworth, Patrick De Knight

They had the following children:

  F i Joan Despencer-32432 was born about 1264. She died before 15 Feb 1351.
  F ii Joan Le Despencer-33450 was born about 1252.
  F iii Isabel Le Despencer-32780 was born about 1270. She died on 4 Dec 1334.
  M iv Hugh Despencer-27946 was born on 1 Mar 1260/1261. He died on 24 Nov 1326.
  F v Aveline (Oliva) Despencer-19401 was born about 1266. She died in May 1363.
  F vi Eleanor Despencer-33569 was born about 1268 in Of, Winchester, Hampshire, England. She died after 1351 in A Nun.
  M vii Philip Le Despencer-33414 was born about 1244. He died on 24 Sep 1313.

Widricus-66090 [Parents].Widricus married Kunigunde-66091.

Kunigunde-66091.Kunigunde married Widricus-66090.

Willem IV van Montpellier-66105 was born in 1030. He died in 1076. He married Ermengarde van Melgueil-66104.

Ermengarde van Melgueil-66104 [Parents] was born in 1037. She married Willem IV van Montpellier-66105.

Hugo II van St. Pol-66116 was born about 1045. He died about 1130. He married Helissende van Ponthieu-66115.

Helissende van Ponthieu-66115 [Parents] was born about 1049. She married Hugo II van St. Pol-66116.

Fulco van Limoges-66121 was born in 835. He died in 886. He married Nn van Auvergne-66120.

Nn van Auvergne-66120 [Parents] was born in 835. She married Fulco van Limoges-66121.

They had the following children:

  M i Hildebert van Limoges-66122 was born in 853.

Hildebert van Limoges-66122 [Parents] was born in 853. He married Adaltruda-66123.

Adaltruda-66123 was born in 853. She married Hildebert van Limoges-66122.

They had the following children:

  M i Hildegar van Limoges-66124 was born in 871. He died on 26 Mar 937.

Hildegar van Limoges-66124 [Parents] was born in 871. He died on 26 Mar 937. He married Tietberga (Tetrisca) van Bourges-66125.

Tietberga (Tetrisca) van Bourges-66125 was born in 885. She married Hildegar van Limoges-66124.

They had the following children:

  M i Geraud van Limoges-66126 was born in 920. He died in 991.

Geraud van Limoges-66126 [Parents] was born in 920. He died in 991. He married Rothilde van Brosse-66127.

Rothilde van Brosse-66127 was born in 920. She married Geraud van Limoges-66126.

They had the following children:

  F i Almode van Limoges-66128 was born in 950. She died in 1011.

Hugo VI van La Marche-66132 [Parents] was born about 1039. He died in 1110. He married Hildegard van Thouars-66133.

Hildegard van Thouars-66133 was born in 1041. She married Hugo VI van La Marche-66132.

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