Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Humbert II van Thoire-66861.Humbert married Alix van Coligny-66860.

Alix van Coligny-66860 [Parents].Alix married Humbert II van Thoire-66861.

They had the following children:

  M i Humbert III van Thoire-65679 died in 1279.

Beraud van Mercoeur-65681.Beraud married Alix van Bourgondië-65680.

Alix van Bourgondië-65680 [Parents] was born in 1177. She married Beraud van Mercoeur-65681.

Robert van Boisleux-65688.Robert married Nn van Bourgondië-65687.

Nn van Bourgondië-65687 [Parents].Nn married Robert van Boisleux-65688.

Anseric IV van Monreal-65693 died in 1197. He married Sybille van Chalon-65692 in 1170.

Sybille van Chalon-65692 [Parents] was born in 1152. She died in 1201. She married Anseric IV van Monreal-65693 in 1170.

Hendrik III van Donzy-65699 died in 1187. He married Claemence de Bourgogne-10655.

Claemence de Bourgogne-10655 [Parents] was born in 1117 in of Bourgogne,France. She died . She married Hendrik III van Donzy-65699.

Raymond van Grancey-65701.Raymond married Ducissa van Bourgondië-65700.

Ducissa van Bourgondië-65700 [Parents] was born in 1128 in of Bourgogne,France. She died in 1128. She married Raymond van Grancey-65701.

Guido I van Vignory-65708.Guido married Beatrix van Bourgondië-65707.

Beatrix van Bourgondië-65707 [Parents] was born in 1063 in of Bourgogne,France. She died in 1110. She married Guido I van Vignory-65708.

Koenraad III van Croatië-65727 [Parents] died in 1182. He married Udehilde van Tübingen-65726.

Udehilde van Tübingen-65726.Udehilde married Koenraad III van Croatië-65727.

Koenraad II van Dachau-66054 [Parents] died in 1159. He married Adelheid van Limburg-66056.

Other marriages:
Falkenstein, Nn van

Adelheid van Limburg-66056.Adelheid married Koenraad II van Dachau-66054.

They had the following children:

  M i Koenraad III van Croatië-65727 died in 1182.

Hoamer van de Vandalen-65794 [Parents] was born about 480. He died in 530. He married Gossana-65795.

Gossana-65795.Gossana married Hoamer van de Vandalen-65794.

They had the following children:

  F i Galswinthe van de Vandalen-65728 was born in 538. She died in 582.

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