Relatives of Bruce Rognan


He had the following children:

  F i Railinda van Como-65118 was born about 960. She died about 1020.

Dedo van Savona-65120 was born about 1015. He died about 1065. He married Bertha van Susa-65119 about 1055.

Bertha van Susa-65119 [Parents] was born about 1020. She died about 1070. She married Dedo van Savona-65120 about 1055.

Aribo van Görz-65124 [Parents] was born about 1025. He died on 18 Mar 1102. He married Lucarde van Pustertal-65125.

Lucarde van Pustertal-65125 was born about 1025. She died about 1091. She married Aribo van Görz-65124.

Raimond I van Melgueil-65129 was born in 1010. He died in 1079. He married Beatrice D' Aquitaine-32062 about 1050.

Beatrice D' Aquitaine-32062 [Parents] was born about 1027 in Of, Aquitaine. She died in 1109. She married Raimond I van Melgueil-65129 about 1050.

Other marriages:
Melgueil, Raymond I De
Melgueil, Raimon de

They had the following children:

  F i Ermengarde van Melgueil-66104 was born in 1037.
  M ii Peter van Melgueil-66106 was born in 1040. He died in 1085.

Bouchard II van Montmorency-66158 [Parents] died about 1012. He married Ildelinde-66870.

Ildelinde-66870.Ildelinde married Bouchard II van Montmorency-66158.

They had the following children:

  M i Bouchard III van Montmorency-65137 was born about 1000. He died about 1024.

Hugo van Montreuil-Ponthieu-65139 [Parents] was born in 1005. He died on 20 Nov 1052. He married Bertha van Aumale-65140 about 1040.

Bertha van Aumale-65140 was born in 1005. She died about 1060. She married Hugo van Montreuil-Ponthieu-65139 about 1040.

Lippold van Dittmarschen-65145 [Parents] was born about 1000. He died about 1053. He married Ida van Elsthorp-65146 about 1038.

Ida van Elsthorp-65146 was born about 1000. She died about 1060. She married Lippold van Dittmarschen-65145 about 1038.

Manasse van Ramerupt-65151 [Parents] was born about 970. He died on 15 Dec 1037 in Ornel. He married Constance van Dammartin-65147 about 1020.

Constance van Dammartin-65147 was born about 990. She died about 1030. She married Manasse van Ramerupt-65151 about 1020.

Arnold van Lambach-Puttin-65148 was born about 1000. He died on 3 Mar 1050. He married Regilla van Lotharingen-65149 about 1025.

Regilla van Lotharingen-65149 [Parents] was born about 990. She died on 1 Feb 1050. She married Arnold van Lambach-Puttin-65148 about 1025.

Pribislav van Brandenburg-65159 was born about 950. He died on 28 Dec 994. He married Mathilde van Haldensleben-65158 about 983.

Mathilde van Haldensleben-65158 [Parents] was born about 950. She died about 1000. She married Pribislav van Brandenburg-65159 about 983.

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