Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Hendrik IV van Kessel-65064 [Parents] was born about 1195. He died about 1232. He married Uthelhildis van Hengebach-65056 about 1210.

Uthelhildis van Hengebach-65056 was born about 1190. She married Hendrik IV van Kessel-65064 about 1210.

Gooswijn Cnode-65058 was born about 1260. He died in 1306. He married Yda van Arkel-65057.

Yda van Arkel-65057 [Parents] was born about 1260. She married Gooswijn Cnode-65058.

Hubert van Bosinchem-65061 was born about 1220. He died about 1272. He married Margaretha van Voorne-65060 about 1240.

Margaretha van Voorne-65060 [Parents] was born about 1230. She died about 1270. She married Hubert van Bosinchem-65061 about 1240.

Manasse van Hierges-65071 was born about 1110. He died about 1176. He married Alice van Chiny-65070 about 1160.

Alice van Chiny-65070 [Parents] was born about 1135. She died about 1180. She married Manasse van Hierges-65071 about 1160.

Koenraad van Peilstein-68166 died about 1168. He married Adela van Saksen-Ballenstedt-65076.

Adela van Saksen-Ballenstedt-65076 [Parents] was born about 1120. She died on 10 Aug 1155. She married Koenraad van Peilstein-68166.

Godfried I van Metz-65096 [Parents] was born about 980. He died about 1053. He married Judith van Metz?-65097.

Judith van Metz?-65097.Judith married Godfried I van Metz-65096.

They had the following children:

  M i Volmar III van Metz-65081 was born about 1020. He died about 1087.

Godfried van Metz-65084 [Parents] was born about 1060. He died about 1098. He married Judith Mathilde van Luxemburg-65083 about 1080.

Judith Mathilde van Luxemburg-65083 [Parents] was born about 1070. She died in 1110. She married Godfried van Metz-65084 about 1080.

Everhard van Breteuil-65087 was born about 1070. He died on 21 Aug 1097. He married Adelheid van Corbeil-65086 about 1090.

Adelheid van Corbeil-65086 [Parents] was born about 1070. She died about 1100. She married Everhard van Breteuil-65087 about 1090.

Milo van Monthlery-65089 [Parents] was born about 1040. He died about 1102. He married Lithuise van Soissons-65088 about 1070.

Lithuise van Soissons-65088 [Parents] was born about 1050. She died about 1100. She married Milo van Monthlery-65089 about 1070.

Bouchard III van Montmorency-65137 [Parents] was born about 1000. He died about 1024. He married Nn van Montmorency?-65138 about 1020.

Nn van Montmorency?-65138 was born about 1000. She died about 1050. She married Bouchard III van Montmorency-65137 about 1020.

They had the following children:

  M i Herve van Montmorency-65091 was born about 1020. He died about 1110.

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