Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Günther IX van Schwarzburg-68068 died in 1289. He married Helena van Saksen-Lauenburg-63566.

Helena van Saksen-Lauenburg-63566 [Parents] was born about 1282. She died in 1332. She married Günther IX van Schwarzburg-68068.

Other marriages:
Holstein-Schauenburg, Adolf VI van

Albrecht III van Saksen-Lauenburg-63567 [Parents] was born about 1270. He died in Oct 1308. He married Margaretha van Brandenburg-63697 in 1302.

Margaretha van Brandenburg-63697 [Parents] was born about 1275. She died on 1 May 1315. She married Albrecht III van Saksen-Lauenburg-63567 in 1302.

Other marriages:
Polen, Premislaw II van

Waldemar II van Sleeswijk-63706 [Parents] was born about 1260. He died in 1312. He married Elisabeth van Saksen-Lauenburg-63568 in 1287.

Other marriages:
Schwerin, Anastasia van

Elisabeth van Saksen-Lauenburg-63568 [Parents] was born about 1276. She died about 1306. She married Waldemar II van Sleeswijk-63706 in 1287.

They had the following children:

  M i Erik van Sleeswijk-63778 was born about 1290. He died on 12 Mar 1325.

Hendrik IV van Breslau-68145 was born in 1253. He died in 1290. He married Mathilde (Mechtild) van Saksen-63570 in 1288.

Mathilde (Mechtild) van Saksen-63570 [Parents] was born about 1270. She died on 1 Jun 1298. She married Hendrik IV van Breslau-68145 in 1288.

Bernhard van Silezië-63598 [Parents] was born about 1290. He died on 6 May 1326. He married Margaretha Kunegonde van Polen-63571 about 1312.

Margaretha Kunegonde van Polen-63571 [Parents] was born about 1298. She died on 9 Apr 1331. She married Bernhard van Silezië-63598 about 1312.

Other marriages:
Saksen-Wittenberg, Rudolf I van

They had the following children:

  M i Boleslav IV van Silezië-63600 was born about 1308. He died on 28 Jul 1368.

Albrecht II van Anhalt-Zerbst-63610 [Parents] was born about 1300. He died in 1360/1362. He married Beatrix van Saksen-Wittenberg-63572 about 1345.

Other marriages:
Rügen, Agnes van

Beatrix van Saksen-Wittenberg-63572 [Parents] was born about 1322. She died about 1360. She married Albrecht II van Anhalt-Zerbst-63610 about 1345.

They had the following children:

  M i Johan I van Anhalt-Zerbst-63623 was born in 1341. He died in 1382.

Rudolf II van Saksen-Wittenberg-63573 [Parents] was born about 1305. He died on 6 Dec 1370. He married Elisabeth van Hessen-66702 in 1346.

Elisabeth van Hessen-66702 [Parents] died on 30 May 1373. She married Rudolf II van Saksen-Wittenberg-63573 in 1346.

They had the following children:

  F i Elisabeth van Saksen-Wittenberg-68071 died in 1353.

Waldemar I van Anhalt-63609 [Parents] was born about 1305. He died on 3 Sep 1367. He married Elisabeth van Saksen-Wittenberg-63574 on 12 Apr 1344.

Other marriages:
Este, Beatrix van

Elisabeth van Saksen-Wittenberg-63574 [Parents] was born about 1307. She died > 30 MEI 1351. She married Waldemar I van Anhalt-63609 on 12 Apr 1344.

Otto van Saksen-Wittenberg-63576 [Parents] was born about 1310. He died on 18 May 1350. He married Elisabeth van Brunswijk-Lüneburg-63606 on 10 Oct 1339.

Elisabeth van Brunswijk-Lüneburg-63606 [Parents] was born about 1325. She died on 17 Apr 1384. She married Otto van Saksen-Wittenberg-63576 on 10 Oct 1339.

Other marriages:
Holstein, Nicolaas van

She had the following children:

  F i Agnes van Lindau-Ruppin-63577 was born about 1280. She died on 9 May 1343.
  M ii Ulrich II van Lindau-Ruppin-63605 was born about 1290. He died in 1360.

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