Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Frederik van Vianden-63391 [Parents] was born about 1220. He died on 10 Nov 1247. He married Mathilde van Salm-66093.

Mathilde van Salm-66093 [Parents].Mathilde married Frederik van Vianden-63391.

Eberhard van der Mark-63418 [Parents] was born about 1280. He died about 1340. He married Maria van Loon en Chiny-63394 about 1300.

Maria van Loon en Chiny-63394 [Parents] was born about 1285. She died about 1340. She married Eberhard van der Mark-63418 about 1300.

Arnold van Wesemaele-64987 [Parents] was born about 1260. He died about 1313. He married Johanna van Loon en Chiny-63395 about 1300.

Johanna van Loon en Chiny-63395 [Parents] was born about 1270. She died about 1315. She married Arnold van Wesemaele-64987 about 1300.

They had the following children:

  F i Mathilde van Wesemaele-64992 was born about 1310. She died about 1353.

Hendrik van Stolberg-65638.Hendrik married Margaretha van Henneberg-63398.

Margaretha van Henneberg-63398 [Parents] was born about 1225. She died about 1270. She married Hendrik van Stolberg-65638.

Hendrik III van Henneberg-63400 [Parents] was born about 1200. He died on 17 Mar 1262. He married Sofie van Saksen-63452 about 1245.

Sofie van Saksen-63452 [Parents] was born about 1210. She died on 17 Mar 1280. She married Hendrik III van Henneberg-63400 about 1245.

They had the following children:

  M i Berthold V van Henneberg-Schleusingen-63453 was born about 1246. He died on 13 Feb 1284.
  M ii Herman II van Henneberg-Aschach-63454 was born about 1250. He died about 1292.
  M iii Hendrik IV van Henneberg-Hartenberg-65612 was born in 1252. He died in 1317.
  F iv Jutta van Henneberg-65627.
  F v Mechtild van Henneberg-65628.

Albrecht van Hohenlohe-65637.Albrecht married Kunegonde van Henneberg-63401 in 1240.

Kunegonde van Henneberg-63401 [Parents] was born about 1220. She died in 1258. She married Albrecht van Hohenlohe-65637 in 1240.

Lodewijk van Loon-Rieneck-63402 [Parents] was born about 1232. He died on 17 Sep 1289. He married Udahild van Grumbach-63405 about 1243.

Udahild van Grumbach-63405 was born about 1235. She died on 18 Jul 1300. She married Lodewijk van Loon-Rieneck-63402 about 1243.

They had the following children:

  F i Elisabeth van Loon-Rieneck-63407 was born about 1250. She died about 1300.
  M ii Thomas I 'de Oudere' van Loon-Rieneck-63408 was born about 1250. He died about 1307.
  M iii Lodewijk van Loon-Rieneck-63406 was born about 1255. He died about 1333.

Poppo van Wertheim-63409 was born about 1220. He died about 1265. He married Kunegonde van Loon-Rieneck-63403 about 1243.

Kunegonde van Loon-Rieneck-63403 [Parents] was born about 1232. She died about 1278. She married Poppo van Wertheim-63409 about 1243.

Gerhard van Loon-Rieneck-63404 [Parents] was born about 1235. He died about 1294. He married Adelheid van Hohenlohe-63410 about 1270.

Adelheid van Hohenlohe-63410 was born about 1245. She died about 1326. She married Gerhard van Loon-Rieneck-63404 about 1270.

They had the following children:

  M i Hendrik van Loon-Rieneck-63412 was born about 1270. He died about 1343.
  F ii Adelheid van Loon-Rieneck-63411 was born about 1275. She died about 1320.
  M iii Lodewijk van Loon-Rieneck-63413 was born about 1275. He died on 9 Mar 1330.

Ulrich van Hanau-64646 was born about 1255. He died about 1305. He married Elisabeth van Loon-Rieneck-63407 on 2 Oct 1272.

Elisabeth van Loon-Rieneck-63407 [Parents] was born about 1250. She died about 1300. She married Ulrich van Hanau-64646 on 2 Oct 1272.

They had the following children:

  M i Ulrich van Hanau-64647 was born about 1275. He died on 23 Sep 1347.

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