Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Robert Tanfield-55321 [Parents] died about 1557. He married Wilgeford FitzHerbert-55335.

Wilgeford FitzHerbert-55335 died UNKNOWN. She married Robert Tanfield-55321.

They had the following children:

  F i Dyonisa Tanfield-55336 died UNKNOWN.
  F ii Unknown Tanfield-55337 died UNKNOWN.
  M iii Lawrence Tanfield-55338 was born about 1554. He died on 30 Apr 1625.

William Tanfield-55322 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. He married Elizabeth Clovile-55339.

Elizabeth Clovile-55339 died UNKNOWN. She married William Tanfield-55322.

They had the following children:

  F i Bridget Tanfield-55340 died UNKNOWN.
  M ii John Tanfield-55341 died on 6 Oct 1625.
  M iii William Tanfield-55342 died UNKNOWN.
  F iv Margaret Tanfield-55343 died UNKNOWN.
  F v Isabel Tanfield-55344 died UNKNOWN.
  M vi Robert Tanfield-55345 died UNKNOWN.
  M vii James Tanfield-55346 died UNKNOWN.
  F viii Elizabeth Tanfield-55347 died UNKNOWN.
  F ix Wilgeford Tanfield-55348 died UNKNOWN.
  F x Mary Tanfield-55349 died UNKNOWN.
  F xi Jane Tanfield-55350 died UNKNOWN.
  F xii Anne Tanfield-55351 died UNKNOWN.

John Ashby-55352 died in 1558. He married Elizabeth Tanfield-55323.

Elizabeth Tanfield-55323 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. She married John Ashby-55352.

William Purcell-55353 died UNKNOWN. He married Ursula Tanfield-55324.

Ursula Tanfield-55324 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. She married William Purcell-55353.

John Gilbert-55354 died UNKNOWN. He married Catherine Tanfield-55325.

Catherine Tanfield-55325 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. She married John Gilbert-55354.

They had the following children:

  M i William Gilbert-55355 died UNKNOWN.

Peter Molle-55356 died UNKNOWN. He married Agnes Tanfield-55327 on 28 Oct 1568.

Agnes Tanfield-55327 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. She married Peter Molle-55356 on 28 Oct 1568.

Francis Tanfield-55328 [Parents] was born in 1508 in Esq. of Gayton, Northants, England. He died on 21 Nov 1558. He married Bridget Cave-55357.

Bridget Cave-55357 died on 20 Jun 1583. She married Francis Tanfield-55328.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann Tanfield-55358 died UNKNOWN.
  M ii Clement Tanfield-55359 died on 25 Apr 1585.
  F iii Dorothy Tanfield-55360 died UNKNOWN.
  M iv Robert Tanfield-55361 died UNKNOWN.
  M v John Tanfield-55362 died UNKNOWN.
  M vi Abraham Tanfield-55363 died UNKNOWN.
  F vii Margaret Tanfield-55364 died on 26 Sep 1604.
  F viii Bridget Tanfield-55365 died UNKNOWN.
  F ix Sarah Tanfield-55366 died in 1567/1568.
  M x Francis Tanfield-55367 died UNKNOWN.

Thomas Wenman-55368 died UNKNOWN. He married Ursula Giffard-55330 in 1520.

Ursula Giffard-55330 [Parents] died on 7 Dec 1558. She married Thomas Wenman-55368 in 1520.

John Stavely-55332 [Parents] died UNKNOWN. He married Constance Danvers-55369.

Constance Danvers-55369 died UNKNOWN. She married John Stavely-55332.

They had the following children:

  M i Edward Stavely-55370 died UNKNOWN.
  F ii Dorothy Stavely-55371 died UNKNOWN.
  M iii Thomas Stavely-55372 died UNKNOWN.
  F iv Mary Stavely-55373 died UNKNOWN.
  F v Isabel Stavely-55374 died UNKNOWN.

Willem I van Dampierre-62466 [Parents] was born about 1130. He died about 1169. He married Irmgard Basilis van Mouchy-62467 about 1150.

Irmgard Basilis van Mouchy-62467 [Parents] was born about 1130. She died about 1190. She married Willem I van Dampierre-62466 about 1150.

Other marriages:
Mello, Dreux van

They had the following children:

  F i Isabella van Dampierre-62465 was born about 1155. She died about 1228.
  M ii Gwijde II van Dampierre-56220 was born about 1155. He died on 25 Jan 1216.

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