Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Magnus Sorli-48810 [Parents] was born in 1904. He married Ragna-49041.

Ragna-49041. married Magnus Sorli-48810.

They had the following children:

  F i Daughter Sorli-49040.
  F ii Daughter Sorli-48920.

Ole Skamo Engebretsen-3761 [Parents] was born in 1824 in Skamo, Holand, Akershus, Norway. He was christened on 18 Jan 1824 in Aasgaard, Sorum, Akershus, Norway. He died in 1896 in Portland, Monroe, Wisconsin. He married Karen Amundsdatter-52261 on 7 Jul 1870 in Sorum, Akershus, Norway.

Other marriages:
Christiansdatter, Henrikka Doverud
Christiansdatter, Maren

Karen Amundsdatter-52261 [Parents] was born on 27 Aug 1830 in Skedsmo,Akershus,Norway. She married Ole Skamo Engebretsen-3761 on 7 Jul 1870 in Sorum, Akershus, Norway.

Kyle Clark Hanson-54358 [Parents].Kyle married Wendy LeAnn Huft-44277.

Wendy LeAnn Huft-44277.Wendy married Kyle Clark Hanson-54358.

They had the following children:

  F i Marian Glee Esther Hanson-50879.
  M ii Tabor David Hanson-50880.

Iago-53084 [Parents] was born about 965. He married Avendreg-53082 about 990.

Avendreg-53082 was born about 970. She married Iago-53084 about 990.

They had the following children:

  M i Cynan-53390 was born about 991.

Allen De Thornton-49299 was born about 1191. He died WFT Est 1215-1278. He married Alicia Bickerstaff-49297 about 1211.

Alicia Bickerstaff-49297 was born about 1191 in Lancashire, England. She died WFT Est 1216-1284. She married Allen De Thornton-49299 about 1211.

They had the following children:

  F i Margaret Thornton-49439 was born about 1212. She died WFT Est 1230-1306.

Cynan King Of Wales, England-53477 [Parents] was born about 745 in Wales, England. He died in 817. He married Matilda-53411 about 765.

Matilda-53411 was born about 746. She married Cynan King Of Wales, England-53477 about 765.

They had the following children:

  F i Ethyllt Queen Of Gwynedd-53332 was born about 766.

Wayne David greenhough 3 husband-44288.Wayne married Carol Ruesch-51145.

Carol Ruesch-51145 [Parents].Carol married Wayne David greenhough 3 husband-44288.

Other marriages:
Spencer, Kenneth Eldon
otteson, Kenneth Floyd 2 husband
strickland, Donald Kent 4 husband

They had the following children:

  F i Artemesia greenhough-44130.

Ulrich (Richeld) Fluri-55847 [Parents] was born on 30 Oct 1594 in Solothurn, Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Gomachinger-55151.

Elizabeth Gomachinger-55151 was born about 1595. She married Ulrich (Richeld) Fluri-55847.

They had the following children:

  M i Joaes Uli Fluri-54301 was born on 3 Aug 1621 in Solothurn, Switzerland.
  M ii Uli Fluri-53355 was born on 27 Nov 1622.
  M iii Joes Fluri-48533 was born on 13 May 1627 in Solothurn, Switzerland.
  F iv Catherina Fluri-49369 was born on 29 Aug 1631 in Solothurn, Switzerland.
  M v Johannes Fluri-54261 was born on 8 Jun 1637.

Cynan-53390 [Parents] was born about 991 in Prince of North Wales, England. He married Ragnalt-53211 about 1054.

Ragnalt-53211 [Parents] was born in 1020. She married Cynan-53390 about 1054.

They had the following children:

  M i Griffith Prince Of Wales, England-49056 was born in 1055. He died in 1137.

Roger Englefield-56206 [Parents] was born about 1292 in Of, Englefield, Berkshire, England. He died about 1362. He married Joan Mrs Englefield-56207 about 1347.

Joan Mrs Englefield-56207 was born about 1304 in Of, Englefield, Berkshire, England. She married Roger Englefield-56206 about 1347.

They had the following children:

  M i Philip Englefield-56174 was born about 1348. He died about 1380.
  M ii William Englefield-56208 was born about 1350 in Of, Englefield, Berkshire, England.
  F iii Alice Englefield-56209 was born about 1352 in Of, Englefield, Berkshire, England.

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