Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Hugh Lowther-43976 [Parents] was born about 1435 in Lowther, Westmorland, England. He died on 17 Sep 1475. He married Mabel Lancaster-49003 on 18 Aug 1455 in Lowther, Westmorland, England.

Mabel Lancaster-49003 [Parents] was born in 1435 in Hartsop, Westmorland. She was christened in 1417 BC. She died on 4 Aug 1475. She married Hugh Lowther-43976 on 18 Aug 1455 in Lowther, Westmorland, England.

They had the following children:

  F i Joan Lowther-44223 was born about 1465 in Lowther, Westmorland, Eng..
  M ii James Lowther-44059 was born about 1463 in Lowther, Westmorland, Eng..
  M iii Hugh Lowther-43984 was born about 1451. He died in 1510/1511.

Thomas Flower-44706 [Parents] was born about 1626 in England. He died on 4 Jul 1700. He married Mary Temple-49260 in Jan 1683.

Other marriages:
Jeffrey, Catherine
Temple, Mary
Jeffrey, Catherine

Mary Temple-49260.Mary married Thomas Flower-44706 in Jan 1683.

They had the following children:

  M i Lord William Flower-49055 was born on 11 Mar 1685. He died on 29 Apr 1740.
  F ii Mary Flower-43958 was born about 1687 in Whitwell, Rutland County, England.

Henry FitzHugh or FitzHenry-53583 [Parents] was born about 1296/1297 in Of Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England. He died on 24 Sep 1352. He was buried in 1352 in Jervaulx, Yorkshire, England. He married Joan de Fourneux-51210.

Joan de Fourneux-51210 [Parents] was born about 1301 in Of, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England. She died on 15 Sep 1349. She married Henry FitzHugh or FitzHenry-53583.

They had the following children:

  M i Hugh FitzHugh or FitzHenry-50795 was born about 1332 in Of Ravensowrth, Yorkshire, England.
  M ii Henry FitzHugh or FitzHenry-49284 was born in 1337/1338. He died on 29 Aug 1368.

Lester Franklin Saathoff-44079 was born on 19 Jul 1933. He died on 14 Mar 1994. He married Virginia Mae Knudsen-44081 Their marriage date is unknown.

Virginia Mae Knudsen-44081 [Parents] was born on 3 Sep 1931. She married Lester Franklin Saathoff-44079 Their marriage date is unknown.

They had the following children:

  M i David Brian Mc Farlane Jr-51116 was born on 11 Nov 1955.

Emil Septem (?)-49273.Emil married Albertine Marie Olsen-48753.

Albertine Marie Olsen-48753 [Parents] was born on 12 Sep 1872 in Gronland, Oslo, Norway. She was christened on 17 Nov 1872 in Gronland,Oslo,Norway. She died in Jun 1953 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Emil Septem (?)-49273.

Other marriages:
Larsen, Alfred Martin
Thorstensen, George

Johannes Fluri-54261 [Parents] was born on 8 Jun 1637 in Solothurn, Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Lack-55876 on 12 May 1659.

Other marriages:
Lack, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lack-55876.Elizabeth married Johannes Fluri-54261 on 12 May 1659.

They had the following children:

  F i Joan Fluri-55891 was born in Sep 1661.
  M ii Caspar Fluri-55890 was born on 14 Jun 1663.
  M iii Udalricy Fluri-55889 was born on 9 Mar 1665.
  F iv Anna Fluri-55888 was born in 1666.
  F v Marai Fluri-55887 was born in 1668.
  F vi Barbara Fluri-55884 was born in 1670.
  M vii Johan Heinrich Fluri-55873 was born in 1672.

Carl Olaf Dewey Jr Koch-49158.Carl married susan Michelle Spencer-47395.

susan Michelle Spencer-47395 [Parents].susan married Carl Olaf Dewey Jr Koch-49158.

Robert III van Vlaanderen-56226 [Parents] was born in 1249. He died on 17 Sep 1322. He married Blanche van Anjou-SiciliĆ«-57167 on 30 Jun 1266.

Other marriages:
Bourgondiƫ, Jolanda van

Blanche van Anjou-SiciliĆ«-57167 [Parents] was born in 1250. She died in 1269. She was buried in de abdijn van Flines bij Douai. She married Robert III van Vlaanderen-56226 on 30 Jun 1266.

Fredrick Harold Harris-53807.Fredrick married Mable Emily Hillier-48876.

Mable Emily Hillier-48876 [Parents] was born on 31 Oct 1890 in Christchurch, Mounmouth, Wales. She married Fredrick Harold Harris-53807.

Other marriages:
Harris, Fredrick Harold

David Hughes-51111.David married Maud Hillier-48877.

Maud Hillier-48877 [Parents] was born on 26 Sep 1889 in Caerlson, Mounmouth, Wales. She died on 30 Dec 1975. She married David Hughes-51111.

Other marriages:
Hughes, David

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