Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Mark Olsen-39980 was born in 1965. He married Lisa Marie Braaten-39979.

Lisa Marie Braaten-39979 [Parents] was born in 1970. She married Mark Olsen-39980.

Selmer Maurice Jacobson-39984 was born in 1923. He married Phyllis Nadine Braaten-39983.

Phyllis Nadine Braaten-39983 [Parents] was born in 1928. She married Selmer Maurice Jacobson-39984.

They had the following children:

  M i Gary Selmer Jacobson-39985 was born in 1949.
  M ii Mark Phillip Jacobson-39987 was born in 1950.
  F iii Debra Nadine Jacobson-39989 was born in 1953. She died in 1963.
  M iv Brian Eugene Jacobson-39990 was born in 1956.
  M v Craig Steven Jacobson-39992 was born in 1960.
  F vi Nora Bertina Jacobson-39994 was born in 1964.

Gary Selmer Jacobson-39985 [Parents] was born in 1949. He married Betty Jean Hogate-39986.

Betty Jean Hogate-39986 was born in 1954. She married Gary Selmer Jacobson-39985.

Mark Phillip Jacobson-39987 [Parents] was born in 1950. He married Tonia Marie Lewison-39988.

Tonia Marie Lewison-39988 was born in 1952. She married Mark Phillip Jacobson-39987.

Brian Eugene Jacobson-39990 [Parents] was born in 1956. He married Jeanne Elaine Pederson-39991.

Jeanne Elaine Pederson-39991 was born in 1967. She married Brian Eugene Jacobson-39990.

Craig Steven Jacobson-39992 [Parents] was born in 1960. He married Ruby Jean Swenson-39993.

Ruby Jean Swenson-39993 was born in 1953. She married Craig Steven Jacobson-39992.

Ryan Curtis Christianson-39995 was born in 1957. He married Nora Bertina Jacobson-39994.

Nora Bertina Jacobson-39994 [Parents] was born in 1964. She married Ryan Curtis Christianson-39995.

Wesley Jarvis Erickson-39997 was born in 1928. He died in 1981. He married Rebecca Joan Braaten-39996.

Rebecca Joan Braaten-39996 [Parents] was born in 1932. She married Wesley Jarvis Erickson-39997.

Christopher Jon Fredrick-40002 [Parents] was born in 1963. He married Terilyn Draves-40003.

Terilyn Draves-40003 was born in 1967. She married Christopher Jon Fredrick-40002.

Merrill Gene Gardner-40005 was born in 1938. He married Deanna Kay Braaten-40004.

Deanna Kay Braaten-40004 [Parents] was born in 1942. She married Merrill Gene Gardner-40005.

They had the following children:

  M i Aaron Gene Gardner-40006 was born in 1967.
  M ii Nathan Jon Gardner-40008 was born in 1971.

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