Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Kristian S²reng-38846 [Parents] was born in 1898 in Eidsberg, ¢Stfold, Norway. He married Ingrid Wister-36140.

Ingrid Wister-36140 was born in 1903. She married Kristian S²reng-38846.

Other marriages:
Søreng, Kristian

Johan H. Onstad-38850.Johan married Anne Helene Haug-36142.

Anne Helene Haug-36142 [Parents] was born in 1878. She married Johan H. Onstad-38850.

Other marriages:
Onstad, Johan H.

Kristen Borger-38853.Kristen married Aslaug Moen-36145.

Aslaug Moen-36145 [Parents] was born in 1898. She married Kristen Borger-38853.

Other marriages:
Borger, Kristen

Martin Nygaard-38855.Martin married Signe Moen-36147.

Signe Moen-36147 [Parents] was born in 1899. She married Martin Nygaard-38855.

Other marriages:
Nygaard, Martin

Lars Spydevold-38857.Lars married Martha Moen-36149.

Martha Moen-36149 [Parents] was born in 1902. She married Lars Spydevold-38857.

Other marriages:
Spydevold, Lars

Torvald Johannesen Vestby-38867.Torvald married Anne Karine Kristiansdatter Rom-38866.

Anne Karine Kristiansdatter Rom-38866 [Parents] was born in 1853. She married Torvald Johannesen Vestby-38867.

Arve Hansen Torp-38873 [Parents] was born on 6 May 1905 in Store Torp, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. He married Olga Marie Hauer-38874 in 1929.

Olga Marie Hauer-38874.Olga married Arve Hansen Torp-38873 in 1929.

They had the following children:

  F i Solveig Synn²ve Torp-38875 was born on 11 Dec 1930.
  F ii Karin Rigmor Torp-38876 was born on 8 Feb 1936.
  M iii Bjarne Torp-38877 was born on 12 Jan 1940.

Samuel Harwell-100559 was born in , of Dinwiddie Co., Va. He married Jackson-37779.

Jackson-37779. married Samuel Harwell-100559.

They had the following children:

  F i Susan Harwell-91130 was born about 1745.

John Shaw Black-36642 [Parents] was born on 31 Aug 1914 in Palmerville, Stanly, Nc. He died on 27 Jan 1995 in Residence, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He was buried on 31 Jan 1995 in Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. He married Imogene Self-25921 on 17 Sep 1944 in Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc.

Imogene Self-25921 was born on 7 Jan 1926 in Haynes City, Berke, Alabama. She married John Shaw Black-36642 on 17 Sep 1944 in Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc.

Benjamin Pitney-28678 [Parents] was born in 1726 in Mendham, Morris Co., New Jersey. He died in 1798. He married Abigail Byram-38410 Not sure this is correct Benjamin P.

Abigail Byram-38410 [Parents] was born in 1730. She married Benjamin Pitney-28678 Not sure this is correct Benjamin P.

Other marriages:
Thompson, Daniel

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Pitney-36425 was born in 1764. She died in 1798/1818.

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