Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Andreas Oraug-38164 [Parents] was born in 1922. He married Lilly Beathe Skonnord-38165.

Lilly Beathe Skonnord-38165 was born in 1926 in Snertingdal. She married Andreas Oraug-38164.

They had the following children:

  F i Anne-Beate Oraug-38166 was born in 1953.
  F ii Karin Elisabeth Oraug-38168 was born in 1955.
  M iii Ole Andreas Oraug-38170 was born in 1957.
  F iv Ragnhild Kristine Oraug-38171 was born in 1963.

Kjell Leistad-38167.Kjell married Anne-Beate Oraug-38166.

Anne-Beate Oraug-38166 [Parents] was born in 1953. She married Kjell Leistad-38167.

Arnfin Skogtr²-38169.Arnfin married Karin Elisabeth Oraug-38168.

Karin Elisabeth Oraug-38168 [Parents] was born in 1955. She married Arnfin Skogtr²-38169.

Ole Martin Skaarberg-38173.Ole married Gunvor Oraug-38172.

Gunvor Oraug-38172 [Parents] was born in 1924. She married Ole Martin Skaarberg-38173.

John Gulberg-38175.John married Magnhild Oraug-38174.

Magnhild Oraug-38174 [Parents] was born in 1926. She married John Gulberg-38175.

Ludvig Borger-38179 was born on 19 Mar 1890 in Borger, Skiptvet, ¢Stfold, Norway. He died in 1957. He married Elise Gjellestad-38178 in 1921.

Elise Gjellestad-38178 [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1895 in Gjellestad, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. She died in 1955. She married Ludvig Borger-38179 in 1921.

They had the following children:

  F i Ingrid Borger-38180 was born in 1922.
  F ii Asbj²rg Borger-38182 was born in 1924.
  F iii Ragnhild Borger-38184 was born in 1926.
  M iv Hêakon Borger-38186 was born in 1930.

Odd Enger-38181 was born in 1920. He married Ingrid Borger-38180.

Ingrid Borger-38180 [Parents] was born in 1922. She married Odd Enger-38181.

Johan Bakker-38183.Johan married Asbj²rg Borger-38182.

Asbj²rg Borger-38182 [Parents] was born in 1924. She married Johan Bakker-38183.

Trygve Pedersen-38185.Trygve married Ragnhild Borger-38184.

Ragnhild Borger-38184 [Parents] was born in 1926. She married Trygve Pedersen-38185.

Andreas Aslaksrud-38189.Andreas married Martha Ihlen-38188.

Martha Ihlen-38188 [Parents] was born in 1904. She married Andreas Aslaksrud-38189.

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