Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Anton Paulsen L²ken-37474 [Parents] was born in 1843 in S²ndre L²ken, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. He died in 1915. He married Kristina Eriksdatter-37475.

Kristina Eriksdatter-37475 was born in 1844. She married Anton Paulsen L²ken-37474.

They had the following children:

  M i Johan Henrik Antonsen-37477 was born in 1867. He died in 1948.
  F ii Edle Sofie Antonsen-37492 was born in 1869. She died in 1874.
  M iii Paul Olaf Antonsen-37493 was born in 1871. He died in 1874.
  F iv Olava Antonsen-37494 was born in 1874.
  F v Edle Sofie Antonsen-37495 was born in 1876.
  F vi Emma Antonsen-37468 was born in 1878.
  F vii Mari Antonsen-37316 was born in 1881.

Lars Henrichsen-35169 was born about 1779. He died in Apr 1844 in Skårud, Askim, Østfold, Norway. He married Anne Olsdatter-37318 in 1816.

Other marriages:
Olsdatter, Anne

Anne Olsdatter-37318 [Parents] was born in 1772. She died in 1830. She married Lars Henrichsen-35169 in 1816.

Other marriages:
T²gersen, Christian

Christian T²gersen-37319 was born about 1759. He died in 1815. He married Anne Olsdatter-37318 before 1798.

Anne Olsdatter-37318 [Parents] was born in 1772. She died in 1830. She married Christian T²gersen-37319 before 1798.

Other marriages:
Henrichsen, Lars

James Daniel Graf-37191 [Parents] was born on 5 Mar 1928 in Streeler, Stateman Co. He married Donna Belle Williams-39377 on 27 Jun 1952 in North Dakota.

Donna Belle Williams-39377 [Parents] was born on 4 Feb 1932 in Murray, Salt Lake, Utah. She married James Daniel Graf-37191 on 27 Jun 1952 in North Dakota.

They had the following children:

  F i Tracy May Graf-36325 was born on 25 Jun 1953.

John W. Hopper-97566.John married Addie Poole-105301.

Other marriages:
Poole, Rebecca Susan Elva

Addie Poole-105301 [Parents] was born on 24 Mar 1879 in Waco, Cleveland, Nc. She married John W. Hopper-97566.

Amund Amundsen-37330.Amund married Solveig Skjolden-35181.

Solveig Skjolden-35181 [Parents] was born in 1920. She married Amund Amundsen-37330.

Other marriages:
Amundsen, Amund

Tom Skretteberg-37333.Tom married Gerd Skjolden-35184.

Gerd Skjolden-35184 [Parents] was born in 1924. She married Tom Skretteberg-37333.

Other marriages:
Skretteberg, Tom

Arvid Weydahl-37335.Arvid married Gunvor Skjolden-35186.

Gunvor Skjolden-35186 [Parents] was born in 1926. She married Arvid Weydahl-37335.

Other marriages:
Weydahl, Arvid

Philip Craig Poole-50802 [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1960 in Gaffney, Cherokee, South Carolina. He married Shirley Ruth Roche-102804 on 7 Jun 1985 in Logan, Cache, Ut. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:
Brady, Heidi

Shirley Ruth Roche-102804 was born on 7 Aug 1966 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah. She married Philip Craig Poole-50802 on 7 Jun 1985 in Logan, Cache, Ut. The marriage ended in divorce.

Johan ¢streng-37344.Johan married Jenny Eiebakke-35191.

Jenny Eiebakke-35191 [Parents] was born in 1916. She married Johan ¢streng-37344.

Other marriages:
Østreng, Johan

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