Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Obed Wright-38639.Obed married Hannah Shotwell-38640.

Hannah Shotwell-38640.Hannah married Obed Wright-38639.

They had the following children:

  M i Ebenezer Wright-38519 was born on 2 Nov 1732. He died on 20 Mar 1814.

Joseph Anderson "Antney" Roberson-70265 [Parents] was born on 27 Mar 1855 in , Nc. He died on 11 Mar 1923. He married Nancy Willard "Wid" McCraw-97344 in 1875.

Nancy Willard "Wid" McCraw-97344 [Parents] was born on 12 Apr 1852. She died on 23 Jul 1933. She was buried in Camp's Creek Ch. She married Joseph Anderson "Antney" Roberson-70265 in 1875.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy Emelyne Roberson-105195 was born on 12 Dec 1875. She died on 20 Jun 1954.
  F ii Rebecca "Beckie" Roberson-91133 was born on 26 Sep 1878. She died on 25 Oct 1969.
  M iii Druey Hampton Roberson-87963 was born on 22 Sep 1880. He died on 22 Mar 1958.
  F iv Florence Roberson-96014 was born in Aug 1884.
  F v Alice M. Roberson-104852 was born on 12 Apr 1885. She died on 29 Jan 1971. She was buried on 31 Jan 1971 in Camp's Creek Ch.
  F vi Minnie Livingston Roberson-104831 was born on 24 Dec 1888. She died on 4 Dec 1984. She was buried on 6 Dec 1984 in Camp's Creek Ch.
  F vii Corrie Lee Roberson-82155 was born on 8 Feb 1893. She died on 27 Mar 1972 in Cherokee Mem Hos, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc. She was buried on 29 Mar 1972 in Grassy Pond Ch, Gaffney, Cherokee, Sc.

Jaime II King Aragón & Sicily-49923 [Parents] was born on 10 Aug 1267 in , Valencia, Valencia, Spain. He died on 2 Nov 1327 in , Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. He was buried in San Francisco, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. He married Miss Miss-70884.

Other marriages:
Castile & León, Isabel Princess Of
Aragón, Bianca Queen Of
Lusignan, Marie De
Moncada, Elisenda De
, Lucrecia
, Gerolda

Miss Miss-70884.Miss married Jaime II King Aragón & Sicily-49923.

They had the following children:

  M i Alfonso IV "The Benigne" King Of Aragon & Valencia-69766 was born in Jan 1299. He died on 24 Jan 1336.
  F ii Maria of Aragon-56496.

Oskar Olsen-37079.Oskar married Margit Aas-37078.

Margit Aas-37078 [Parents] was born in 1897. She married Oskar Olsen-37079.

Paul Vartdal-37082.Paul married Sigrid Aas-37081.

Sigrid Aas-37081 [Parents] was born in 1904. She married Paul Vartdal-37082.

Olaf Johansen-37085.Olaf married Lydia Aas-37084.

Lydia Aas-37084 [Parents] was born in 1909. She married Olaf Johansen-37085.

Ludvig Andreas Kjennerud-37089.Ludvig married Anne Larsdatter Langnes-37088.

Anne Larsdatter Langnes-37088 [Parents] was born in 1879. She married Ludvig Andreas Kjennerud-37089.

Ole Hansen ¢stby-37101 [Parents] was born in 1799. He married Guro Jensdatter Gjellestadplass-34991.

Other marriages:
Mellom-Gr²ttvet, Marte Larsdatter
Vestereng, Maria Halvorsdatter

Guro Jensdatter Gjellestadplass-34991 was born in 1792 in Knebrett, Askim, Østfold, Norway. She died in 1861. She married Ole Hansen ¢stby-37101.

Other marriages:
Østby, Ole Hansen

They had the following children:

  M i Lars Olsen-35412 was born in 1822.
  M ii Johannes Olsen-34993 was born in 1825. He died in 1885.

Ole Anderson Rude-18303 [Parents] was born in 1715 in Kap, Dalama, Sweden. He married Anne Bjor Rudsodegard-53914.

Anne Bjor Rudsodegard-53914 [Parents] was born about 1795 in Honefoss, Buskerud, Norway. She married Ole Anderson Rude-18303.

They had the following children:

  M i Ole Olesen Rude-83008 was born in 1755. He died in 1835.

Ole Hansen ¢stby-37101 [Parents] was born in 1799. He married Marte Larsdatter Mellom-Gr²ttvet-37811 after 1825.

Other marriages:
Gjellestadplass, Guro Jensdatter
Vestereng, Maria Halvorsdatter

Marte Larsdatter Mellom-Gr²ttvet-37811.Marte married Ole Hansen ¢stby-37101 after 1825.

They had the following children:

  M i Johannes Olsen-37812 was born in 1828.

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