Relatives of Bruce Rognan

William Tate-91271 was christened on 12 Apr 1702 in Bristol Parrish, Virginia. He died on 2 Oct 1751 in , Cumberland, Lunenburg, Virginia. He married Sarah-88537.

Sarah-88537.Sarah married William Tate-91271.

They had the following children:

  M i Jesse Tate-91269 was born in 1745. He died on 6 Jul 1806.

Jonathan Christopher Howard-99758 was born on 12 Oct 1972 in Charlotte Mm Hos, Charlotte, NC. He married Janelle Elizabeth Poole-101264 on 12 Jul 1997 in Washington, DC.

Janelle Elizabeth Poole-101264 [Parents] was born on 23 Jul 1977 in Shelby, Cleveland, Nc. She married Jonathan Christopher Howard-99758 on 12 Jul 1997 in Washington, DC.

Syver Gundersen Stegen-34791 was born in 1851. He died in 1947. He married Johanne Fredrikke Skj²rten-36784.

Other marriages:
Skjørten, Johanne Fredrikke

Johanne Fredrikke Skj²rten-36784 [Parents] was born in 1856. She died in 1931. She married Syver Gundersen Stegen-34791.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Gustava Syversdatter Stegen-34786 was born in 1883. She died in 1972.
  F ii Inga Sofie Stegen-35190 was born in 1885. She died in 1975.
  F iii Gina Julie-37353 was born in 1887. She died in 1898.

Anders Andersen Sekkelsten-36921 [Parents] was born in 1882 in Sekkelsten, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. He died in 1949. He married Anna Kristine Syversdatter Maseng-34793.

Anna Kristine Syversdatter Maseng-34793 [Parents] was born in 1881. She died in 1953. She married Anders Andersen Sekkelsten-36921.

Other marriages:
Sekkelsten, Anders Andersen

They had the following children:

  M i Arthur Sekkelsten-34795 was born in 1904.
  M ii Sigurd Sekkelsten-34796 was born in 1905. He died in 1905.
  F iii Petra Sekkelsten-34797 was born in 1906.
  F iv Magnhild Sekkelsten-34799 was born in 1908.
  F v Alfhild Sekkelsten-34801 was born in 1910.
  F vi Sigrund Sekkelsten-34803 was born in 1912.
  F vii Elsa Sekkelsten-34805 was born in 1915.

Olaf Bang Sevli-36790.Olaf married Petra Sekkelsten-34797.

Petra Sekkelsten-34797 [Parents] was born in 1906. She married Olaf Bang Sevli-36790.

Other marriages:
Sevli, Olaf Bang

Birger Jermstad-36792.Birger married Magnhild Sekkelsten-34799.

Magnhild Sekkelsten-34799 [Parents] was born in 1908. She married Birger Jermstad-36792.

Other marriages:
Jermstad, Birger

Mose Martin-25564 [Parents] was born on 26 Sep 1857 in Cherokee Falls, York, Sc. He died on 28 Oct 1913 in Chase City, Va. He married Julia Ann Porter-28549.

Julia Ann Porter-28549 was born on 19 Dec 1858. She died on 19 Sep 1893 in Cherokee Falls, Cherokee Falls, Sc. She was buried in Nazareth Ch.. She married Mose Martin-25564.

Thorbj²rn Haug-36796.Thorbj²rn married Sigrund Sekkelsten-34803.

Sigrund Sekkelsten-34803 [Parents] was born in 1912. She married Thorbj²rn Haug-36796.

Other marriages:
Haug, Thorbjørn

Fritz Kongsro-36798.Fritz married Elsa Sekkelsten-34805.

Elsa Sekkelsten-34805 [Parents] was born in 1915. She married Fritz Kongsro-36798.

Other marriages:
Kongsro, Fritz

Ole J²rgensen Revaug S²ndre-37310 [Parents] was born in 1793 in Vesle-M²rkved. He died in 1850. He married Anne Hansdatter-37309.

Other marriages:
Hon, Johanne Eriksdatter

Anne Hansdatter-37309 was born in 1788. She died in 1846. She married Ole J²rgensen Revaug S²ndre-37310.

They had the following children:

  F i Kari Olsdatter Revaug-34808 was born in 1818. She died in 1887.
  M ii Johan Olsen-37311 was born in 1821 in Berger, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway.
  M iii Johan Olsen-37312 was born in 1826 in Ultvet²degêarden, Eidsberg, ¢Stfold, Norway.

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