Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Kj²stel Halvard Westbye-36628 was born in 1928 in Store-Rud, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. He married Eva Hansen-36627.

Eva Hansen-36627 [Parents] was born in 1928. She married Kj²stel Halvard Westbye-36628.

They had the following children:

  F i Sissel Westbye-36632 was born in 1951.
  F ii Kristin Westbye-36634 was born in 1954.
  F iii Anne Westbye-36636 was born in 1955.
  M iv Kj²stel Westbye-36638 was born in 1962.

Svenn Larsen-36631.Svenn married Ingeborg Kristine Hansen-36630.

Ingeborg Kristine Hansen-36630 [Parents] was born in 1931. She married Svenn Larsen-36631.

Per Westby-36633.Per married Sissel Westbye-36632.

Sissel Westbye-36632 [Parents] was born in 1951. She married Per Westby-36633.

Karsten Skofterud-36635.Karsten married Kristin Westbye-36634.

Kristin Westbye-36634 [Parents] was born in 1954. She married Karsten Skofterud-36635.

David Koht-Norbye-36637.David married Anne Westbye-36636.

Anne Westbye-36636 [Parents] was born in 1955. She married David Koht-Norbye-36637.

William Childers-72887.William married Rachel Ramsey-38520.

Rachel Ramsey-38520 [Parents] was born in 1823. She married William Childers-72887.

Osvald Vollan-36641.Osvald married Aslaug Kristine Sand-34718.

Aslaug Kristine Sand-34718 [Parents] was born in 1925. She married Osvald Vollan-36641.

Other marriages:
Vollan, Osvald

Bill Mullinax-88420 was born on 21 Aug 1858. He died in Oct 1936 in Crowders Mtn.. He was buried in Oakgrove Bap.Ch., Kings Mtn., Nc. He married Elizabeth Jane Martin-26471.

Elizabeth Jane Martin-26471 [Parents] was born on 19 Sep 1852 in Cherokee Falls, York, Sc. She died on 24 Feb 1920 in Crowders Mtn.. She was buried in Kings Mtn., Cleveland, Nc. She married Bill Mullinax-88420.

Hakon Koht-Norbye-36644.Hakon married Randi Elisabeth Sekkelsten-34685.

Randi Elisabeth Sekkelsten-34685 [Parents] was born in 1928. She married Hakon Koht-Norbye-36644.

Other marriages:
Koht-Norbye, Hakon

Svein Haugen-36647.Svein married Turid Sekkelsten-34688.

Turid Sekkelsten-34688 [Parents] was born in 1945. She married Svein Haugen-36647.

Other marriages:
Haugen, Svein

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