Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Paul Larsen-36499 [Parents] was born in 1797 in S²ndre L²ken, Askim, ¢Stfold, Norway. He died in 1874. He married Ingeborg Andersdatter-36500.

Ingeborg Andersdatter-36500 was born in 1803 in Trollerud, Eidsberg, ¢Stfold, Norway. She died in 1846. She married Paul Larsen-36499.

They had the following children:

  M i Lars Paulsen L²ken S²ndre-36428 was born in 1820. He died in 1874.
  F ii Anne Maria Paulsdatter-37470 was born in 1823. She died in 1823.
  M iii Anders Paulsen-37471 was born in 1824. He died in 1824.
  M iv Johannes Paulsen L²ken S²ndre-36498 was born in 1831. He died in 1906.
  F v Berte Oline Paulsdatter-37472 was born in 1834.
  M vi Anton Paulsen L²ken-37474 was born in 1843. He died in 1915.
  M vii Martin Paulsen-37476 was born in 1843.

Lars Andersen Fusk-36429 [Parents] was born in 1748. He died in 1813. He married Ingeborg Larsdatter-36532.

Ingeborg Larsdatter-36532 was born about 1751. She married Lars Andersen Fusk-36429.

They had the following children:

  F i Randi Larsdatter-36533 was born in 1774. She died in 1797.
  M ii Anders Larsen-36534 was born in 1775. He died in 1776.
  F iii Mari Larsdatter-36535 was born in 1777.
  F iv Marte Larsdatter Fusk-36537 was born in 1779. She died in 1843.
  F v Inger Larsdatter Fusk-36539 was born in 1781.
  M vi Anders Larsen-36541 was born in 1784. He died in 1816.
  M vii Lars Larsen-36543 was born in 1788.
  F viii Anne Larsdatter-36544 was born in 1790.
  M ix Kristen Larsen-36546 was born in 1793. He died in 1797.

Hans Kristian Pedersen Aas-36431 was born in 1873. He died in 1947. He married Karoline Langnes-36432.

Karoline Langnes-36432 [Parents] was born in 1873. She died in 1958. She married Hans Kristian Pedersen Aas-36431.

They had the following children:

  M i Peder Aas-37077 was born in 1895.
  F ii Margit Aas-37078 was born in 1897.
  M iii Ivar Aas-37080 was born in 1899. He died in 1982.
  M iv Ludvig Aas-37034 was born in 1901. He died in 1974.
  F v Sigrid Aas-37081 was born in 1904.
  M vi Erling Aas-37083 was born in 1907. He died in 1980.
  F vii Lydia Aas-37084 was born in 1909.
  F viii Olga Aas-36430 was born in 1912.

Erich Hansen Kjeserud-36437 [Parents].Erich married Marthe Clemetsdatter Gudim-36436.

Marthe Clemetsdatter Gudim-36436 was born about Apr 1763. She died in 1793. She married Erich Hansen Kjeserud-36437.

They had the following children:

  F i Marthe Erichsdatter-36438.
  M ii Halvor Erichsen-36442.

Hans Erichsen Keisrud-36440 [Parents] was born in 1735. He died in 1792/1793. He married Margrethe Nielsdatter-36441.

Other marriages:
Syversdatter, Mari

Margrethe Nielsdatter-36441 died in Jan 1779. She married Hans Erichsen Keisrud-36440.

They had the following children:

  M i Erich Hansen Kjeserud-36437.
  M ii Halvor Hansen-36443 died in 1796/1797.
  F iii Anna Hansdatter-38144.
  F iv Cathrine Hansdatter-38145.
  F v Karen Hansdatter Keisrud-38146.

Ole Hansen Berger-36439.Ole married Marthe Erichsdatter-36438 on 10 May 1805.

Marthe Erichsdatter-36438 [Parents].Marthe married Ole Hansen Berger-36439 on 10 May 1805.

Hans Erichsen Keisrud-36440 [Parents] was born in 1735. He died in 1792/1793. He married Mari Syversdatter-35606 after Jan 1779.

Other marriages:
Nielsdatter, Margrethe

Mari Syversdatter-35606 was born in 1753. She died in 1828. She married Hans Erichsen Keisrud-36440 after Jan 1779.

Other marriages:
Jonsen, Sven

Kristian Bernhard Gr²tvedt-38248 was born in 1855. He died in 1939. He married Anne Mathea Torsdatter T²mt-36445 in 1898.

Anne Mathea Torsdatter T²mt-36445 [Parents] was born in 1852. She died in 1947. She married Kristian Bernhard Gr²tvedt-38248 in 1898.

Other marriages:
Syversen, Karl Fredrik

Tor Nilsen T²mt-37912 [Parents] was born in 1816. He married Inger Maria Kristensdatter Kverne-37911.

Inger Maria Kristensdatter Kverne-37911 [Parents] was born in 1819. She died in 1892. She married Tor Nilsen T²mt-37912.

Other marriages:
Oraug, Andreas Jensen

They had the following children:

  M i Martin Tordsen-38015 was born in 1847.
  M ii Anton Tordsen-38016 was born about 1848.
  M iii Theodor Tordsen-38017 was born about 1861.
  F iv Anne Mathea Torsdatter T²mt-36445 was born in 1852. She died in 1947.
  F v Bolette Caroline Tordsdatter-38019 was born about 1855.
  F vi Johanne Nicoline Tordsdatter-38020 was born in 1857.

Mattis Olsen-34625 [Parents] was born in 1799. He married Ragnhild Hansdatter-37041.

Other marriages:
Hansdatter, Ragnhild

Ragnhild Hansdatter-37041 was born about 1795. She married Mattis Olsen-34625.

They had the following children:

  F i Johanne Mattisdatter-34952 was born in 1828.
  M ii Hans Mattisen Sand-37044 was born in 1830. He died in 1891.
  M iii Ole Mattisen-38041 was born in 1833. He died in 1912.
  F iv Helene Mattisdatter-35556 was born in 1836.
  M v Karl Mattisen-35557 was born about 1843.

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