Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Wilkins Wellmon-91961 [Parents] was born on 31 Aug 1793. He died on 19 Jan 1852. He married Mary Wilson-50296.

Mary Wilson-50296 was born on 13 Jan 1793 in Falston, Cleveland, Nc. She died on 11 Sep 1875. She married Wilkins Wellmon-91961.

They had the following children:

  M i Enick Wellmon-101320 was born about 1818.
  M ii Sampson C Wellmon-51309 was born on 9 Jan 1821. He died on 3 Mar 1905.

William Williams-85532.William married Mary or Polly Wellmon-99631.

Mary or Polly Wellmon-99631 [Parents].Mary married William Williams-85532.

Frans Amundsen Evenby Ruud Østre-3280 [Parents] was born in 1672 in Trogstad, Norway. He was christened on 14 Apr 1672 in Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway. He died in 1747 in H²land Pêa Gangn. He was buried on 8 Aug 1747 in Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway. He married Sidsel Olsdatter Bergsj²-36391 in 1696 in L²ken, H²land, Akershus, Norway.

Other marriages:
Bergsjo, Sissel Olsdatter

Sidsel Olsdatter Bergsj²-36391 [Parents] was born about 1680 in H²land, Akershus, Norway. She died in 1742 in Ruud ¢Stre, Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norway. She was buried on 6 Jan 1743 in Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norway. She married Frans Amundsen Evenby Ruud Østre-3280 in 1696 in L²ken, H²land, Akershus, Norway.

They had the following children:

  F i Lisbet Fransdatter Rud-37097.
  F ii Siri Fransdatter Rud-34903 was born in 1701.
  M iii J²rgen Fransen Sandêaker-38691 was born in 1703. He died about 1783.
  F iv Mari Fransdatter Rud-38859 was born in 1705. She died in 1754.
  M v Amund Fransen Rud-36153 was born in 1706. He died in 1707. He was buried on 13 Mar 1707.
  F vi Gunhild Fransdatter Rud-38861.
  M vii Ole Fransen-34899 was born in 1710. He died in 1790.
  F viii Dorte Fransdatter Rud-36155 was born in 1712. She died in 1712. She was buried on 18 Sep 1712.
  F ix Dorte Fransdatter Rud-38863 was born in 1713. She died about 1765.
  M x Lars Frandsen Ruud Østre-34586 was born in 1716. He died in 1771.

Anders Hansen Solberg-99759 was born about 1725 in Vestfold, Norway. He married Bodil Pedersen-63744.

Bodil Pedersen-63744 was born about 1725. She married Anders Hansen Solberg-99759.

They had the following children:

  M i Hans Anderson Solberg-99987 was born in 1754. He died in 1837.

Abraham Crowder-71186 [Parents] was born on 30 Aug 1730 in Bristol, Prince George, Va. He married Frances-37033.

Frances-37033 was born about 1730 in , Amelia, Va. She married Abraham Crowder-71186.

They had the following children:

  M i William Crowder-38133 was born about 1756 in , of Amelia Co., Va. He died on 9 Nov 1839.
  M ii Godfrey Crowder-37024 was born about 1757 in , of Amelia Co., Va. He died on 20 Jan 1840.
  M iii Philip Crowder-36669 was born on 7 Apr 1760. He died in Feb 1844.
  M iv Anderson Crowder-28734 was born about 1762.
  M v Abraham Crowder-28399 was born about 1764. He died on 20 Nov 1826.
  M vi Thomas Crowder-27939 was born about 1766 in , Mecklenburg, Va.
  M vii Robert Crowder-27779 was born about 1768. He died in Apr 1820.
  F viii Angelina Crowder-36972 was born about 1770.
  M ix Bartley Crowder-37007 was born about 1772.
  F x Carey Crowder-93804 was born in 1774. She died after 1850.

Johannes Lauritsen Moseby-34603 [Parents] was born in 1889 in Moseby, Askim, Østfold, Norway. He died in 1943. He married Karoline Sofie Nµss-36385.

Other marriages:
Næss, Karoline Sofie

Karoline Sofie Nµss-36385 was born in 1892. She died in 1969. She married Johannes Lauritsen Moseby-34603.

They had the following children:

  F i Ingrid Petra Moseby-34597 was born in 1914.
  F ii Aslaug Margrethe Moseby-34596 was born in 1916.
  F iii Gudrun Lilly Moseby-34595 was born in 1918.

Wm. F. Tuckerman-95244 was born on 27 May 1816. He died on 9 Sep 1871. He married Caroline Williams Webb-86022 on 20 Feb 1839.

Caroline Williams Webb-86022 [Parents] was born on 7 Jun 1822. She died on 5 Jan 1861. She married Wm. F. Tuckerman-95244 on 20 Feb 1839.

Kristian Henriksen Tovengen-34599 was born in 1814. He died before 1863. He married Karen J²rgensdatter ¢stby-37292.

Other marriages:
Østby, Karen Jørgensdatter

Karen J²rgensdatter ¢stby-37292 [Parents] was born in 1825. She married Kristian Henriksen Tovengen-34599.

They had the following children:

  F i Maren Sofie Kristensen ¢stby-37294 was born in 1848. She died in 1936.
  F ii Inger Kirstine Kristiansdatter ¢stby-36379 was born in 1853. She died in 1923.

She had the following children:

  M i Kristian Henriksen Tovengen-34599 was born in 1814. He died before 1863.
  M ii Halvor Henriksen Tovengen-35155 was born in 1827. He died in 1903.

Hans Kristian ¢degaard-36427 was born in 1863 in Aurskog. He died in 1940. He married Anne Marie Andreasdatter-34600.

Other marriages:
Furulund, Maren Lovise Halvorsdatter

Anne Marie Andreasdatter-34600 [Parents] was born in 1857. She died in 1926. She married Hans Kristian ¢degaard-36427.

Other marriages:
Ødegaard, Hans Kristian

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