Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Christen Larsen Torp-35259 was born about 1817. He married Anne Marie Nielsdatter-35258 in 1847.

Anne Marie Nielsdatter-35258 [Parents] was born in 1820. She married Christen Larsen Torp-35259 in 1847.

Aanon Mathias Fyldpaa-35261 was born on 12 Mar 1813. He died on 20 Feb 1901. He married Johanne Nicoline Haraldstad-35260 on 17 Oct 1844.

Johanne Nicoline Haraldstad-35260 [Parents] was born on 8 Jun 1824 in Haraldstad, Askim, Østfold, Norway. She died on 16 Jul 1902. She married Aanon Mathias Fyldpaa-35261 on 17 Oct 1844.

They had the following children:

  M i Anders August Fylpaa-35956 was born on 25 Aug 1845. He died on 19 Sep 1925.
  M ii Thorvald Hagbarth Fylpaa-35958 was born in 1851. He died on 7 Aug 1925.
  M iii Carl Halfdan Fylpaa-36027 was born on 5 May 1855. He died on 3 Jun 1918.
  F iv Anna Marie Fylpaa-36029 was born on 26 Dec 1858.
  M v Johan Arent Fylpaa-36033 was born on 5 Jan 1860. He died on 1 Feb 1920.

Nicolai Anton Nielsen Haraldstad-35262 [Parents] was born in 1825. He married Sissel Christophersdatt Næs-35263 in 1852.

Other marriages:
Nµs, Sissel Christophersdatt

Sissel Christophersdatt Næs-35263 was born about 1817. She married Nicolai Anton Nielsen Haraldstad-35262 in 1852.

Jon Olsen-35283 died before 1813. He married Dorte Olsdatter-35266 about 1782.

Dorte Olsdatter-35266 [Parents] was born in 1742. She married Jon Olsen-35283 about 1782.

Other marriages:
Henstad, Mattis Olsen
Eidareng, Ole Villemsen
Olsen, Jon

They had the following children:

  F i Olea Jonsdatter-35284 was born in 1783. She died in 1783.
  F ii Sissel Jonsdatter-35285 was born in 1785.

Kristen Mattisen-35268 [Parents] was born in 1774. He died in 1845. He married Maria Johannesdatter-35269.

Maria Johannesdatter-35269 was born about 1775. She died in 1862. She married Kristen Mattisen-35268.

They had the following children:

  M i Mattis Kristensen-35270 was born in 1804. He died in 1811.
  M ii Ole Kristensen-35271 was born in 1806. He died in 1849.
  M iii Mattis Kristensen-35272 was born in 1813. He died in 1818.
  M iv Mattis Kristensen-37556 was born in 1813. He died in 1818.

Karl Halvorsen Stenbøl-35275 [Parents] was born in 1824. He married Maren Olsdatter Blunkeslett-35274.

Maren Olsdatter Blunkeslett-35274 [Parents] was born in 1830. She died in 1907. She married Karl Halvorsen Stenbøl-35275.

Other marriages:
Stenb²l, Karl Halvorsen

Johannes Olsen Blunkeslett-35279 [Parents] was born in 1834. He died in 1906. He married Sofie Kristensdatter Kverne-35280.

Sofie Kristensdatter Kverne-35280 [Parents] was born in 1826. She died in 1891. She married Johannes Olsen Blunkeslett-35279.

Kristen Hansen-35289.Kristen married Marthe Olsdatter-35288.

Marthe Olsdatter-35288 [Parents] was born in 1767. She married Kristen Hansen-35289.

Other marriages:
Hansen, Kristen

Torvald Olsen Grøttvet-35297 [Parents] was born in 1848. He married Karoline Amalie Kristensdatter Hov-35296.

Karoline Amalie Kristensdatter Hov-35296 [Parents] was born in 1846 in Ås. She married Torvald Olsen Grøttvet-35297.

Other marriages:
Gr²ttvet, Torvald Olsen

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Augusta Torvaldsdatter-35627 was born in 1873.

Anders Trulsen Løken-35299 was born in 1803. He died in 1859. He married Tore Halvorsdatter Rom-35300.

Tore Halvorsdatter Rom-35300 [Parents] was born in 1801. She died in 1872. She married Anders Trulsen Løken-35299.

Other marriages:
L²ken, Anders Trulsen

They had the following children:

  M i Karl Andersen-35305 was born in 1826. He died in 1826.
  M ii Karl Andersen-35306 was born in 1827.
  F iii Anne Marie Andersdatter Moen-35309 was born in 1829. She died in 1911.
  M iv Torer Andersen-36048 was born in 1832.
  M v Kristen Andersen-36047 was born in 1835.
  M vi Anton Andersen-36046 was born in 1837.
  M vii Hans Andersen-36045 was born in 1840.
  F viii Maren Sofie Andersdatter-36044 was born in 1842.
  M ix Martin Andersen-35688 was born in 1847.

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