Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Mr. Walaho (Werner) IV Wormagau Count-32907 was born about 818. He married Oda Of Wormsgau Countess-32736.

Oda Of Wormsgau Countess-32736 [Parents] was born about 818. She married Mr. Walaho (Werner) IV Wormagau Count-32907.

Louis "The Pious" Holy Roman Empir Emperor-32737 was born about 799. He married Ermengarde Of The Holy Roman Empir Empress-32738.

Ermengarde Of The Holy Roman Empir Empress-32738 was born about 800. She married Louis "The Pious" Holy Roman Empir Emperor-32737.

Peder Thorkildsson (Br He)-32901 [Parents] was born about 1346 in Of Mygdal, Hjorring, Denmark. He married Osa Jonsdotter (Kjor Ing)-32768.

Other marriages:
, Anne

Osa Jonsdotter (Kjor Ing)-32768 [Parents] was born about 1350 in Of, Vittskovle, Kristianstad, Sweden. She died before 1390. She married Peder Thorkildsson (Br He)-32901.

They had the following children:

  M i Torkild Pedersson (Brahe-32954 was born about 1372. He died after 1447.
  F ii Margrethe Pedersdotter (Br He)-32752 was born about 1374.
  F iii Birgitte Pedersdotter (Br He)-32751 was born about 1376 in Of, Mygdal, Hjorring, Denmark.
  M iv Axel Pedersson (Brahe-33102 was born about 1376.

Ebles De Poitiers-32755 [Parents] was born about 859 in Of, Poitiers, , Aquitaine. He died on 20 Sep 893. He married Mrs. Imme-32909 about 879.

Mrs. Imme-32909 was born about 859. She married Ebles De Poitiers-32755 about 879.

Niels Aagesen Kyrning Thott)-32757 [Parents] was born about 1310 in Lund, Malmohus, Sweden. He married Kerstin Mrs Aagesen (Thott)-32776.

Other marriages:
Aagesen (Thott), Edla Mrs

Kerstin Mrs Aagesen (Thott)-32776.Kerstin married Niels Aagesen Kyrning Thott)-32757.

Mr. Robert Count Of Troyes-32911 was born about 864. He married Miss Gisele Princess Of France-32759 about 885 in Of, Troyes, Aube, France.

Miss Gisele Princess Of France-32759 [Parents] was born about 864 in , , , France. She married Mr. Robert Count Of Troyes-32911 about 885 in Of, Troyes, Aube, France.

Frants Christian Flor-32761 [Parents] was born on 26 Mar 1743 in Norway. She died in 1813 in Norway.

She had the following children:

  F i Anne Karine Flor-40415 was born in 1770.
  F ii Maren Flor-40416 was born in 1770. She died in 1850.

Erik Jensen-33263 was born in 1826. He married Caroline Mathea Christiansdatter-32766 in L²ken Kirke, n.H²land, Akershus.

Caroline Mathea Christiansdatter-32766 [Parents] was born in Tittut Gnr. 18, n.H²land, Akershus, Norway. She was christened in Tittut, Hjemmed²pt, n.H²land, Akershus. She married Erik Jensen-33263 in L²ken Kirke, n.H²land, Akershus.

Thorkel Brahe-32771.Thorkel married Beata Aagesdotter (Tho T)-32908.

Beata Aagesdotter (Tho T)-32908 [Parents] was born about 1324 in Lund, Malmohus, Sweden. She married Thorkel Brahe-32771.

Timme Nielsen (Rosenkr Ntz)-33219 [Parents] was born about 1394 in Hevringholm, Vivild, Randers, Denmark. He died about 1457 in Engelsholm, Norup, Vejle, Denmark. He married Karen Eilersdatter (Ro Now)-32777 about 1438 in Of, , Vejle, Denmark.

Other marriages:
Mattisdatter (Be, Abel Derup)
Pedersdatter, Birgitte

Karen Eilersdatter (Ro Now)-32777.Karen married Timme Nielsen (Rosenkr Ntz)-33219 about 1438 in Of, , Vejle, Denmark.

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