Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Leroy Cobbley-27532 [Parents].Leroy married Living-27533.

Living-27533.Living married Leroy Cobbley-27532.

Ralph Cobbley-27534 [Parents].Ralph married Living-27535.

Living-27535.Living married Ralph Cobbley-27534.

Isaac Binns-27537 was born about 1882 in <American Fork, Utah, Ut>. He married Mary Ann (May) Ovard-27536 on 17 Sep 1907.

Mary Ann (May) Ovard-27536 [Parents] was born on 28 Aug 1886 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. She died on 25 May 1908. She married Isaac Binns-27537 on 17 Sep 1907.

Lindsay "J" Ovard-27539 [Parents] was born on 18 Nov 1890 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. He died on 29 May 1964 in Salt Lake, S-Lk, Ut. He was buried on 1 Jun 1964 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. He married Orpha Eliza Searle-27540 on 19 Jun 1912 in Salt Lake, S-Lk, Ut.

Orpha Eliza Searle-27540 was born on 10 Nov 1889 in Payson, Utah, Ut. She died on 27 Sep 1963 in Salt Lake, S-Lk, Ut. She was buried on 30 Sep 1963 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. She married Lindsay "J" Ovard-27539 on 19 Jun 1912 in Salt Lake, S-Lk, Ut.

They had the following children:

  F i May "Mae" Ovard-27541.
  F ii Fay Ovard-27543.
  M iii Joseph Lindsay Ovard-27545.
  U iv Living-27548.
  U v Living-27549.
  M vi Wyman John Ovard-27550.
  U vii Living-27558.
  M viii Glen Searle Ovard-27559.
  U ix Living-27565.
  F x Beth Ovard-27566.
  U xi Living-27572.
  M xii Jay Eugene Ovard-27573.

Dean Naylor Beckstead-27542 was born on 26 Dec 1913 in South Jordan, S.Lk, Ut. He died on 31 May 1972. He married May "Mae" Ovard-27541.

May "Mae" Ovard-27541 [Parents].May married Dean Naylor Beckstead-27542.

Living-27544.Living married Fay Ovard-27543.

Fay Ovard-27543 [Parents].Fay married Living-27544.

Joseph Lindsay Ovard-27545 [Parents].Joseph married Living-27546.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-27546.Living married Joseph Lindsay Ovard-27545.

Joseph Lindsay Ovard-27545 [Parents].Joseph married Living-27547.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-27547.Living married Joseph Lindsay Ovard-27545.

Wyman John Ovard-27550 [Parents].Wyman married Living-27551.

Other marriages:
Green, Elizabeth

Living-27551.Living married Wyman John Ovard-27550.

Wyman John Ovard-27550 [Parents].Wyman married Elizabeth Green-27552.

Other marriages:
, Living

Elizabeth Green-27552.Elizabeth married Wyman John Ovard-27550.

They had the following children:

  F i Sharon Faye Ovard-27553.
  M ii Wyman Kay Ovard-27554.
  M iii Donald Scott Ovard-27556.

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