Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Marvin Joseph Smith-26902 [Parents] was born on 9 May 1899 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. He died on 18 Dec 1944. He married Living-26905.

Other marriages:
, Living
, Living

Living-26905.Living married Marvin Joseph Smith-26902.

Eugene Smith-26906 [Parents] was born on 20 Feb 1901 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. He married Living-26907.

Living-26907.Living married Eugene Smith-26906.

Nile Smith-26908 [Parents].Nile married Mildred Francom-26909.

Mildred Francom-26909.Mildred married Nile Smith-26908.

They had the following children:

  F i Living-26910.
  M ii Niles Francom Smith-26913.
  F iii Kathleen Claudia Smith-26916.

Living-26911.Living married Living-26910.

Living-26910 [Parents].Living married Living-26911.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-26912.Living married Living-26910.

Living-26910 [Parents].Living married Living-26912.

Other marriages:
, Living

Niles Francom Smith-26913 [Parents].Niles married Living-26914.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-26914.Living married Niles Francom Smith-26913.

Niles Francom Smith-26913 [Parents].Niles married Living-26915.

Other marriages:
, Living

Living-26915.Living married Niles Francom Smith-26913.

Glen Harold Carter-26917.Glen married Kathleen Claudia Smith-26916.

Kathleen Claudia Smith-26916 [Parents].Kathleen married Glen Harold Carter-26917.

Elliott Edward Smith-26918 [Parents] was born on 3 Nov 1905 in American Fork, Utah, Ut. He died on 9 Feb 1970. He married Living-26919.

Living-26919.Living married Elliott Edward Smith-26918.

They had the following children:

  M i Living-26920.
  F ii Living-26922.
  M iii Raymond J Smith Twin-26924.
  M iv Richard Smith Twin-26926.
  F v Living-26927.
  F vi Marylou Smith-26928 was born in 1938 in Of American Fork, Utah, Utah. She died about 1940.

Living-26920 [Parents].Living married Living-26921.

Living-26921.Living married Living-26920.

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