Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Steven Larsen Woolstenhulme-26748.Steven married Marilyn Brown-26747.

Marilyn Brown-26747 [Parents].Marilyn married Steven Larsen Woolstenhulme-26748.

Ron Hosea Richins-26751 [Parents].Ron married Marsha Lyn Morgan-26752.

Marsha Lyn Morgan-26752.Marsha married Ron Hosea Richins-26751.

Douglas Glenn Richins-26753 [Parents].Douglas married Carol Jo Brown-26754.

Carol Jo Brown-26754.Carol married Douglas Glenn Richins-26753.

Eric Vange Hansen-26761 [Parents] was born in 1645 in Lom, Oppland, Norway. He died in 1733 in Lom, Oppland, Norway. He was married about 1677 in Lom, Oppland, Norway.

He had the following children:

  M i Ole Ericksen-26765 was born in 1677. He died in 1759.

Lyman Verl Mecham-26773.Lyman married Deanna Waldron-26772.

Deanna Waldron-26772 [Parents].Deanna married Lyman Verl Mecham-26773.

Lyle Jay Waldron-26774 [Parents].Lyle married Arlene Belnap-26775.

Arlene Belnap-26775.Arlene married Lyle Jay Waldron-26774.

Living-26777.Living married Gaylene Waldron-26776.

Gaylene Waldron-26776 [Parents].Gaylene married Living-26777.

Georg Von Kunheim-29090 was born in Jul 1523 in , Wehlau, Ostpreussen, Prussia. He died on 18 Oct 1611. He was buried in , Muehlhausen, Ostpreussen, Prussia. He married Margarethe Luther-29578 on 5 Aug 1555 in , Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.

Margarethe Luther-29578 [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1534 in Wittenberg, , , Germany. She died in 1570. She was buried in Kirche, Muehlhausen, Ostpreussen, Prussia. She married Georg Von Kunheim-29090 on 5 Aug 1555 in , Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.

They had the following children:

  F i Margarethe Von Kunheim-29292 was born in 1556 in , Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia. She died in 1556.
  F ii Margarethe Von Kunheim-29555 was born in 1559. She died on 2 Feb 1592.
  M iii Volmar Von Kunheim-29219 was born in 1564 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.
  F iv Anna Von Kunheim-27916 was born in 1565.
  M v Daniel Von Kunheim-29549 was born in 1566 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.
  M vi Erhard Von Kunheim-29254 was born in 1567 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.
  M vii Georg Von Kunheim-26778 was born in 1568 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.
  F viii Anna Von Kunheim-27795 was born in 1569 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.
  F ix Katharine Von Kunheim-28930 was born in 1570 in Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia.

Knud Rud-29252 [Parents] was born about 1484 in , Vedby, Holbaek, Denmark. He was christened in Knight, Councelor To The. He died on 27 Mar 1554 in , Sjaelland, , Denmark. He was buried in Vedby Church, , Holbaek, Denmark. He married Dorthe Bølle-26779 about 1516.

Dorthe Bølle-26779.Dorthe married Knud Rud-29252 about 1516.

James Milton Wilkinson-26787.James married Meriam Richins-26786.

Meriam Richins-26786 [Parents].Meriam married James Milton Wilkinson-26787.

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