Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Clive Alma Pusey-26358 [Parents].Clive married Living-26359.

Living-26359.Living married Clive Alma Pusey-26358.

Living-26361.Living married Living-26360.

Living-26360 [Parents].Living married Living-26361.

Morris Stanley Gibbons-26362 [Parents].Morris married Della Mae Porter-26363.

Della Mae Porter-26363.Della married Morris Stanley Gibbons-26362.

They had the following children:

  M i Austin Morris Gibbons-26364.
  F ii Lynnette Gibbons-26366.
  F iii Patrice Gibbons-26367.
  F iv Gay Gibbons-26369.

Austin Morris Gibbons-26364 [Parents].Austin married Living-26365.

Living-26365.Living married Austin Morris Gibbons-26364.

Living-26368.Living married Patrice Gibbons-26367.

Patrice Gibbons-26367 [Parents].Patrice married Living-26368.

Jay Mead Gibbons-26370 [Parents].Jay married Living-26371.

Living-26371.Living married Jay Mead Gibbons-26370.

Edward Charles Judd-26376 [Parents].Edward married Jeannette Clawson-26377.

Jeannette Clawson-26377.Jeannette married Edward Charles Judd-26376.

They had the following children:

  M i Curtis Clawson Judd-26378.
  F ii Juliette Judd-26380.
  F iii Josephine Judd-26389.
  M iv Daniel Clawson Judd-26390.
  M v Edward Clawson (Stillborn) Judd-26392.
  F vi Mary Alice (Stillborn) Judd-26393.

Curtis Clawson Judd-26378 [Parents].Curtis married Living-26379.

Living-26379.Living married Curtis Clawson Judd-26378.

Robert Walters Turley-26381.Robert married Juliette Judd-26380.

Juliette Judd-26380 [Parents].Juliette married Robert Walters Turley-26381.

They had the following children:

  F i Living-26382.
  F ii Living-26384.
  F iii Living-26385.
  M iv Robert Walters Turley Jr-26386 was born on 21 Dec 1976 in <Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah>. He died on 17 May 1979.
  F v Living-26387.
  M vi Living-26388.

Living-26383.Living married Living-26382.

Living-26382 [Parents].Living married Living-26383.

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