Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Per Olsen-29893 [Parents] was born in 1629 in Hosar, Lom, Oppl, Nor. He died in 1715 in , Lom, Oppl, Nor. He married Kari Brandsaer Johannesdatter-26125 about 1680 in Skjaak, Oppland, Norway.

Kari Brandsaer Johannesdatter-26125 [Parents] was born about 1630 in Skjaak, Oppland, Norway. She died in 1715 in Skjaak, Oppland, Norway. She married Per Olsen-29893 about 1680 in Skjaak, Oppland, Norway.

They had the following children:

  F i Ingaborg Pedersdatter-26841 was born about 1680. She died in 1722.
  F ii Goro Persdtr.-29810 was born in 1670. She was buried on 11 Jun 1751.
  M iii Lars Persen-29895 was born in 1684 in Hosar, Lom, Oppl, Nor. He died in 1722.
  M iv Iver Persen-29896 was born in 1686 in Hosar, Lom, Oppl, Nor.

Reed Burton Robison-26128 [Parents].Reed married Living-26129.

Living-26129.Living married Reed Burton Robison-26128.

Donald Leonard Christiansen-26131 was born on 26 Dec 1926 in East Ely, White Pine, Nv. He died on 7 Mar 1971. He was buried on 9 Mar 1971 in Mt. View Cemeter, Reno, Washoe, Nv. He married Donna Mae Robison-26130.

Donna Mae Robison-26130 [Parents].Donna married Donald Leonard Christiansen-26131.

They had the following children:

  F i Colleen "K" Christiansen-26132.
  M ii Jeffery Leonard Christiansen-26134.
  M iii Tracy Burton Christiansen-26136.
  F iv Devonna Mae Christiansen-26138.
  F v Shawna Lynn Christiansen-26140.
  F vi Heather Michelle Christiansen-26141.

Charles Wayne Adair-26133.Charles married Colleen "K" Christiansen-26132.

Colleen "K" Christiansen-26132 [Parents].Colleen married Charles Wayne Adair-26133.

Jeffery Leonard Christiansen-26134 [Parents].Jeffery married Jill Lattin-26135.

Jill Lattin-26135.Jill married Jeffery Leonard Christiansen-26134.

Tracy Burton Christiansen-26136 [Parents].Tracy married Living-26137.

Living-26137.Living married Tracy Burton Christiansen-26136.

Stewart Russell Skouson-26139.Stewart married Devonna Mae Christiansen-26138.

Devonna Mae Christiansen-26138 [Parents].Devonna married Stewart Russell Skouson-26139.

Leon Sheril Garrett-26143.Leon married Karol Fern Robison-26142.

Karol Fern Robison-26142 [Parents].Karol married Leon Sheril Garrett-26143.

Lawrence Schmitz-5271 was born on 12 Oct 1906. He died on 12 Sep 1964. He married Mabel Petersen-28283.

Other marriages:
Petersen, Mabel
Petersen, Mabel
Petersen, Mabel

Mabel Petersen-28283 [Parents] was born in Portland, Monroe, Wisconsin. She married Lawrence Schmitz-5271.

They had the following children:

  F i Darlene Schmitz-26282.
  M ii Duane William Schmitz-26279.
  F iii Delores Schmitz-26145.

Fay Ephraim Bates-26147 [Parents] was born on 15 Aug 1909 in Wanship, Summit, Ut. He died on 18 Aug 1975. He married Living-26148.

Living-26148.Living married Fay Ephraim Bates-26147.

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