Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Magnus VI Lagab²ter Hêakonsson-27589 [Parents] was born in 1238. He married Ingeborg Eriksdatter Quee Ofnorway-13941 on 11 Sep 1261.

Ingeborg Eriksdatter Quee Ofnorway-13941 [Parents] was born about 1244 in , , Copenhagen, Denmark. She died in 1287. She married Magnus VI Lagab²ter Hêakonsson-27589 on 11 Sep 1261.

Other marriages:
Haakonsson King, Magnus V "Lagaboter" F Norway

They had the following children:

  M i Erik II Magnusson-26032 was born in 1268. He died in 1299.
  M ii Hêakon V Magnusson Hêalegg-27640 was born on 10 Apr 1270.

Rob Hafmeister-26037.Rob married Marcy Dennis-16401.

Marcy Dennis-16401 [Parents] was born in 1963. She married Rob Hafmeister-26037.

Other marriages:
Hafmeister, Rob
Hafmeister, Rob
Hafmeister, Rob

They had the following children:

  M i Sam Hafmeister-16395 was born in 1993.
  F ii Katy Hafmeister-16396 was born in 1995.

Jorgen of Gjomle-101299 was born in 1643 in Gjomle, Bamble, Telemark, Norway.

He had the following children:

  M i Isach Jorgensen-51300 was born in 1669. He died on 15 Aug 1706.

Kent C. Wilde-26040.Kent married Diane Lois Judd-26039.

Diane Lois Judd-26039 [Parents].Diane married Kent C. Wilde-26040.

They had the following children:

  F i Jennifer Ann Wilde-26041.
  M ii Weston Kent Wilde-26043.
  M iii Aaron Judd Wilde-26044.
  M iv Wade Wilde-26045.
  F v Melissa Ann Wilde-26046.
  F vi Terri Wilde-26048.

Robert Clay Hendershot-26042.Robert married Jennifer Ann Wilde-26041.

Jennifer Ann Wilde-26041 [Parents].Jennifer married Robert Clay Hendershot-26042.

Living-26047.Living married Melissa Ann Wilde-26046.

Melissa Ann Wilde-26046 [Parents].Melissa married Living-26047.

Joseph Stephen Jenkins-26050.Joseph married Roma Dawn Judd-26049.

Roma Dawn Judd-26049 [Parents].Roma married Joseph Stephen Jenkins-26050.

They had the following children:

  M i Stephen Bart Jenkins-26051.
  F ii Rachelle Lee Jenkins-26052.
  F iii Staci Jo Jenkins-26054.
  F iv Stefani Dawn Jenkins-26055.
  M v Skyler Judd Jenkins-26056.
  M vi Gary Ryan Jenkins-26057.

Living-26053.Living married Rachelle Lee Jenkins-26052.

Rachelle Lee Jenkins-26052 [Parents].Rachelle married Living-26053.

Earl Leroy Blonquist-26059.Earl married Helen Janae Judd-26058.

Helen Janae Judd-26058 [Parents].Helen married Earl Leroy Blonquist-26059.

They had the following children:

  M i Gavin Leon Blonquist-26060.

Earl Dennis-26700.Earl married Blanch Petersen-28242.

Blanch Petersen-28242 [Parents].Blanch married Earl Dennis-26700.

They had the following children:

  M i James Dennis-16413 was born in 1947.
  F ii Sylvia Dennis-16410 was born in 1950.
  F iii Donna Dennis-16398 was born in 1952.
  F iv Juanita Dennis-16404 was born in 1953.
  F v Rita Dennis-16407 was born in 1960.
  F vi Dianne Dennis-16408 was born in 1961.
  F vii Marcy Dennis-16401 was born in 1963.

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