Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Jimmie F Crittenden-25958 [Parents].Jimmie married Living-25959.

Living-25959.Living married Jimmie F Crittenden-25958.

Jerald Clifton Crittenden-25961 [Parents].Jerald married Loralie Best-25962.

Loralie Best-25962.Loralie married Jerald Clifton Crittenden-25961.

Thomas Millard Crittenden-25964 [Parents].Thomas married Tana Randall-25965.

Tana Randall-25965.Tana married Thomas Millard Crittenden-25964.

Craig C Van Tassell-25967.Craig married Mina Norine Crittenden-25966.

Mina Norine Crittenden-25966 [Parents].Mina married Craig C Van Tassell-25967.

Golden "C" Holt-25969 was born on 24 Nov 1906 in Kamas, Summit, Ut. He died on 4 Nov 1961. He married Larue Woodard Crittenden-25968.

Larue Woodard Crittenden-25968 [Parents].Larue married Golden "C" Holt-25969.

Harold George Gines-25972.Harold married Marie W Crittenden-25971.

Marie W Crittenden-25971 [Parents].Marie married Harold George Gines-25972.

Other marriages:
, Living

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Millard Gines-25973.

Living-25975.Living married Marie W Crittenden-25971.

Marie W Crittenden-25971 [Parents].Marie married Living-25975.

Other marriages:
Gines, Harold George

Robert Millard Gines-25973 [Parents].Robert married Living-25974.

Living-25974.Living married Robert Millard Gines-25973.

John Lyle Peck-25977.John married Margaret 'w' Crittenden-25976.

Margaret 'w' Crittenden-25976 [Parents] was born on 5 Aug 1916 in Francis, Summit, Ut. She died on 28 Jun 1937 in Kamas, Summit, Ut. She married John Lyle Peck-25977.

They had the following children:

  F i Belva May Peck-25978.
  M ii Kenneth Ralph Peck-25980.

Ralph Dale Provost-25979.Ralph married Belva May Peck-25978.

Belva May Peck-25978 [Parents].Belva married Ralph Dale Provost-25979.

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