Relatives of Bruce Rognan

Oluf Folmersen Baad-25730 [Parents] was born about 1436 in Egebjerg, S. Alslev, Maribo, Denmark. He married Mrs. Oluf Folmersen Baad-31041 about 1465.

Mrs. Oluf Folmersen Baad-31041 was born about 1436 in Of Egebjerg, S. Alslev, Maribo, Denmark. She married Oluf Folmersen Baad-25730 about 1465.

Folmer Hemmingsen Baad-28271 [Parents] was born about 1406 in Aalebaek, Borre, Praesto, Denmark. He married Mrs. Folmer Henningsen Baad-27724 about 1435.

Mrs. Folmer Henningsen Baad-27724 was born about 1406 in Aalebaek, Borre, Praesto, Denmark. She married Folmer Hemmingsen Baad-28271 about 1435.

They had the following children:

  M i Oluf Folmersen Baad-25730 was born about 1436.

"Blacksmith" Jacob Carpenter-28744 [Parents] was born in 1764. He died on 9 Jan 1840. He married Ann McCaslin-37910.

Other marriages:
Jenkins, Anne

Ann McCaslin-37910.Ann married "Blacksmith" Jacob Carpenter-28744.

Valdemar I Knutsen Store-25733 [Parents] was born on 14 Jan 1131. He died in 1186. He married Tove-26843.

Other marriages:
Vladimirsdatter, Sofie

Tove-26843.Tove married Valdemar I Knutsen Store-25733.

They had the following children:

  M i Kristoffer-26496 was born in 1149. He died in 1173.

Laurits Rolfsen Aslerud-26799 [Parents] died in 1630 in Aslerud, Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norge. He married Sissel Torgautsdatter Rom-26152.

Sissel Torgautsdatter Rom-26152 [Parents] was born in 1612 in Askim, ¢Stfold, Norge. She died in 1665 in Aslerud, Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norge. She married Laurits Rolfsen Aslerud-26799.

They had the following children:

  M i Guttorm Larsen Aslerud-26151 was born in 1604. He died in 1658.
  F ii Randi Larsdatter Aslerud-26620 was born in 1595. She died in 1670.
  M iii Knut Lauritsen Aslerud-25908 was born in 1614. He died in 1666 in Êaser, Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norge. He was buried on 24 Jun 1666 in Trøgstad (Øf).
  F iv Goro Larsdatter Aslerud-25742 was born in 1614. She died in 1690 in Str²nes, Tr²gstad, ¢Stfold, Norge.

Jan Johansen Holter-25743 was born in Fet, Akershus, Norway. He married Maren Rudsberger Enersdatter-30041.

Maren Rudsberger Enersdatter-30041 [Parents] was born in 1798 in Fet, Akershus, Norway. She married Jan Johansen Holter-25743.

Mstislav I Vladimirovich Kijev-25919 [Parents] was born in 1076. He died on 15 Apr 1132.

Other marriages:
Ingesdotter, Kristina

He had the following children:

  F i Euphrosyne Mstislavsdatter Av Kijev-25752 was born in 1130.

Knut Alvsen-26452 [Parents] died about 1502. He married Gyrvild Eriksdatter-32434.

Gyrvild Eriksdatter-32434 [Parents] died about 1495. She married Knut Alvsen-26452.

They had the following children:

  F i Bothild Knutsdatter-25753 died about 1526.

Helle Syversen Salstrokken-25762 [Parents] was born in 1839. He married Anne Matea Gulbrandsdatter Vestby-25757.

Anne Matea Gulbrandsdatter Vestby-25757 [Parents] was born in 1842. She married Helle Syversen Salstrokken-25762.

They had the following children:

  M i Martin Sigvart Siversen Allergot-26798 was born in 1866.
  F ii Hilda Hellesdatter Allergot-26289 was born in 1869.

Syver Halvorsen Løvestad-26204 was born in 1793. He married Mari Iversdatter Ås-26659.

Mari Iversdatter Ås-26659 was born in 1801. She married Syver Halvorsen Løvestad-26204.

They had the following children:

  M i Helle Syversen Salstrokken-25762 was born in 1839.

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