Sue Shuppy

A Professional Doll Sculptress and Artist, Sue Shuppy has been creating
original one-of-a-kind dolls, as well as porcelain reproduction dolls for over 15 years.
Sue has earned many awards as an Amateur and Professional doll artist in
recent years. She is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild,
and has completed Jack Johnston's Professional Doll Making Seminar and is
a certified Master Doll Maker.

Her doll "Cassie" won 1st Place in Jack Johnston's ProSculpt doll sculpting competition
in 1999, out of 600+ entries. Her doll "Cherry" is being reproduced by Ashton Drake
Galleries and is one of their best selling dolls. She is an accomplished sculptress,
seamstress, and artist who LOVES dolls.

Sue is married to Jon, and they are the parents of six children, five girls
and a boy. As you will see, Sue has used her children as subjects for many of her
dolls. Here is a picture of her family. A Utah native, she lives in the small
mountain valley community of Francis.

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