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 Q: Is the All West "My Account" system secure?

A: Yes. This system uses 128-bit strong encryption to protect data that is transferred to and from your computer. To verify you are using a secure connection you can look at your browser's address bar. If the address begins with 'https:' you are securely connected. Most browsers will also display a graphic that looks like a padlock on the status bar when you are browsing on a secure site.

Also, if you choose to set up a payment profile with your credit card information we encrypt this information before we store it to our database.

 Q: Can I change my 'Username'?

A: Yes, you can change your 'Username'. The rules for new usernames are as follows:

  1. The new username must start with a letter.
  2. The new username must contain only letters and numbers.
  3. The new username must be between 4-16 characters in length.
 Q: Can I change my 'Password'?

A: Yes, we would encourage you to change your password periodically.

 Q: What should I do if I have forgotten my 'Password' or can not log in?

A: You can try to reset your password from the Sign-in page. Resetting your password requires that you know your account number, your site username, and the last 4 digits of the primary account holder's social security number. Note: we do not have the social security number of all of our customers in the system. For those we do not have this method of resetting your password will not be available and you will need to call us.

Contact Allwest at 435.783.4361 or Toll Free @ 866-ALL WEST

 Q: How do I "Go Paperless" and save $1 per month?

A: Since your All West bill is now available online we are giving you the option to turn off your bill through the mail and at the same time save yourself $1 each month (and a few trees).

Once you have logged in to your account you will see an option to 'Save $$$, go paperless!'. Simply supply an email address and submit this form and we will no longer send your bill in the mail.

You will instead receive an email each month reminding you that a new bill has been posted. You will also receive a $1 credit toward your bill each and every month.

 Q: Auto-Pay: What is Auto-Pay?

A: Auto-Pay is a convenience feature that allows All West customers to automatically pay their bill each month on a specified day.


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