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Web Filter Plus - FAQ

Q: How can I submit a site for review OR contest the rating of a site?
A: Web site ratings are handled through a partner company, Cerberian. They have provided an interface for users to be involved in this process. Click here to submit a rating or contest a rating that may be incorrect.
Q: What type of reporting does the system provide?
A: The built in reporting feature allows you to view all browsing activities on your computer. Parental reporting is great for parents who want to see which Web sites their kids have visited, when the Web sites were visited, and who visited them. It's also great for office administrators who are interested in seeing which Web sites their employees are accessing. Best of all, you can obtain near real-time reports anytime (typically 2-5 minutes to update) anywhere, via the Web.

Reports are presented in an easy to understand format. You can view which categories have been blocked (or allowed) in the time frame you specify.

You can view reports by username to see which sites individual users are visiting. (You must have Windows 2000 or newer to use this feature). Reporting also shows you which Web sites were visited and what time they were visited.

Q: How do I uninstall the program?
A: To uninstall the agent, simply go to the Add/Remove programs icon under your control panel (Windows) and look for the Engage IP entry. You will be prompted to enter the password you selected at time of install before removal of the agent can be completed. Your password is not the same as the password used to access the web based admin site though it can be if you so choose. Be sure to reboot your machine after the uninstall wizard has run.


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