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Broadband: Wireless FAQ


What is Wireless Internet Access?

Like other broadband technologies (DSL,Cable, etc...) Wireless Internet access provides high-speed access to the internet but without the use of a phone line or any kind of physical cable. Like a radio signal, data is transmitted to and from your computer via antennas. The data travels from your computer, to an antenna mounted outside your residence or business, and then continues through a series of antennas placed every few miles until it gets back to your internet service provider (ISP).

How fast is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is as fast (or faster) than virtually anything on the market, including xDSL and cable. Depending on the service package you choose, wireless internet access can range from 512 Kbps to 2.0 Mbps.

Is wireless Internet access secure?

The 5.3 GHz spread spectrum band has been used in the past for military communications because spread spectrum is difficult to detect or interfere with. All West, as a service provider, also adds our own brand of security by using secure protocols to transfer data. Wireless Internet service is just as secure as its broadband competitors.

What equipment do I need for wireless service?

You will need a receiver/antenna, mounted outside your home or business. This receiver/antenna connects to your computer via Ethernet (cat5 cable), so you will also need a network card in each computer that you wish to have Internet access through the wireless receiver.

Do I have to dial up to my Internet Service Provider?

Wireless Internet access is an "always on" technology. Or, in other words, you do not have to wait for your modem to dial up, simply open your web-browser, and start browsing.

Will my antenna pick up interference or other signals?

All West Wireless Internet operates on the 5.3 GHz spread spectrum radio band. Although this band is unlicensed, it is becoming the standard transmission band for wireless computer products worldwide. Because it is spread spectrum, the band is difficult to detect, so it is unlikely that any stray signals would be picked up by the antenna and receiver. It is also unlikely that your signal would be picked up by anyone else.

Can Wireless Internet access be shared among multiple computers?

Yes, it can. You will need a special piece of equipment call a 'hub', which will allow you to share the internet access. You also need a network card in each computer that is to connect to the hub. If you attempt to configure multiple computers together in this way you will need to contact All West Internet Support and notify us of the MAC addresses for each computer.


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