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Accelerator Plus
Fall in love with your dial-up connection again.

Experience the fastest web accelerator on the market, Accelerator Plus! If you surf the Internet using a dial-up connection, you are painfully aware of how slow some web pages load. This is a subscription-based service that works with your All West dial-up connection, allowing you to increase your surfing speed up to 5 times. So, pages that previously took almost 30 seconds to load, can now be viewed in less than 7 seconds, on average.

  • Next best thing to DSL, at a fraction of the price
  • Available anywhere there is a telephone line
  • Requires NO new hardware
  • Is easy to install - a few clicks will download it to your PC!
  • Works seamlessly with your dial-up service
  • Learn more... read the FAQ

SIGN-UP NOW! ONLY $3.95/mo. per computer


  • To use Accelerator+ you need to first sign up by calling us at 1 866 ALL WEST. You can sign up in a matter of minutes.
  • Download and run the installation program:
  • Restart your computer
  • Then just dial-up and use your web browser as usual

    Note #1: Make sure when dialing up you use your full primary All West email address, not just your username (i.e. CORRECT: 'johndoe@allwest.net', INCORRECT: 'johndoe').

    Note #2: Apple software requires MacOS X Version 10.2 or later to operate.


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